And thus business should not be paying taxes to educate people

At the end of the day I believe very strongly that we live in community, but that what we have to offer is intensely individual. Finding the balance between those two is essential in life, in our communities and in our politics. And that starts with education that has to be focused on the individual’s pursuit of who they are, and not moulding them for a life of work.

It so happens that if the passion is released in education so will the real work they want to do be discovered. And that’s what far too much so-called education has forgotten.

Nor should the taxpayer either…..

11 thoughts on “And thus business should not be paying taxes to educate people”

  1. Murphy seems to have forgotten the utopian mantra he and his sons should have learned about on their visit to Dachau, although admittedly his musings on the visit soon turned to internal naval gazing and the tax gap under the Nazis

    Arbeit macht Frei

  2. WTF does he think that he is talking about.
    What each of us contributes is, of course and inevitably, intensely individual. it is a result of combining what we can do and our willingness to do it. There is no direct link, let alone balance, between the community in which we live, and our contribution to Society as a whole.
    What we have to offer is one further step removed since most of us choose *what* we offer since we cannot be in seven places at the same time and we have to pick and choose which, if any, needs we shall meet. If Murphy never has more than one demand on his time, then he must be *really* unpopular.
    If Murphy limits his concept of “community” to one where all the interactions are balanced without a flow to and from disconnected third parties then his community is trivial – even the unsolicited help from my next-door-but-one neighbour involves from others who only know me by sight.

  3. What Spud is uniquely qualified to contribute is stamped on his forehead.

    And just to help you out when you look in the mirror,Spud, it doesn’t really say “NOROM”.

  4. Dennis the Peasant

    And that starts with education that has to be focused on the individual’s pursuit of who they are, and not moulding them for a life of work.

    Is “moulding” wog for molding, or does Ritchie need him an edjamacation?

    I wonder if Ritchie would still be a horse’s ass without his education. I also wonder if his education is what “moulded” him for a life of trying to mooch off of others.

  5. As a parent I have to stand back: this has to be his choice
    No it isn’t you pretentious magnanimous prat. It’s the frigging law in England, laid down by your Courageous State. If your boy wants to live at home at age 16 and get a job that isn’t leading to a recognised qualification, start his own business perhaps, then you as parent/guardian are breaking the law.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    A huge problem with education is that a lot of people are really fucking thick. Not as thick as Richard fucking Murphy, obviously, but still virtually indistinguishable from a cabbage. And of course in Murphyworld education is indoctrination. It’s not learning differential calculus or who John of Gaunt was. It’s becoming a good little taxpaying prole with all the right attitudes and opinions.

  7. I think I disagree Tim.

    Quite obviously the State will be paying for years of psychiatric work to undo the damage these boys have suffered being Murphy’s kids. So couldn’t the State pay for them to learn something useful as well instead of the bollocks he’s been teaching them s9 far?

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