Apparently I’m famous in Iran

For a moderate meaning of famous that is.

For some 18 months I’ve been doing pieces which then get translated for one of the wonkist economics magazines in the country.

Which appears to have led to other people desiring More Worstall! Woo! Hoo!

So here in one paper is this piece:

Screenshot of my own copyright

Which is, I think – my Farsi not really being up to scratch – this piece from CapX as translated. That is available for reprint for free.

All of which is more than a tad a pisser. Being Famous I Tell ‘EE, famed enough that people want More Worstall! And it has to be in a country where I’ll get thrown in jail for sanctions breaches if I actually try to charge people for anything.


9 thoughts on “Apparently I’m famous in Iran”

  1. “Aah when you’re big in Iran-tonight…

    Big in Iran-be-tight…

    Big in Iran… Ooh the eastern sea’s so blue

    Big in Iran-alright,

    Pay! — Then she’ll sleep by your side

    Things are easy when you’re big in Iran

    Oh when you’re big in Iran”

  2. If you aren’t selling military advice then you don’t have problems with sanctions, unless you are a US citizen. You will have trouble getting paid, particularly in a convertible currency.

  3. “You will have trouble getting paid, particularly in a convertible currency”

    Just ask for payment in Bitcoin 😀

  4. “@jgh, numbers in Farsi are left to right if that helps.”

    On the contrary. They are right to left.

    But numbers in English are also right to left, except we have somehow adjusted to reading them left to right…

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