As Tim Newman has been noting

A police force have criticised the “disgusting” behaviour of members of the public who chose to film an injured officer on their mobile phones rather than help him.

Policing does rather change when you lose the cooperation of the public. Might, thus, be worth changing the manner of policing before it’s too late to reverse that loss.

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  1. Tough shit Plod.

    Kiss the arse of socialism to “advance” yourselves? Then pay the price.

    PS: Were I PM the Notting Hill circus would be among the first to go.

  2. If you want the public to be violent only to specific people on specific occasions, your brainwashing has to be more sophisticated.

    You’ve just taught us to be indifferent to violence generally. You’ve taught us that the response to people having their head sawn off, or being blown to bits by nail bombs, is to smile dreamily and chant “I love everyone, no matter what they do”.

    As your mayor said. “It’s part and parcel of living here”.

  3. You have to admire the energy of the police over that train attack…”Yeah, something happened apparently…whatever”.

    No screeching about racist attack, “unacceptable behaviour”, frenzy of tweets. Just a shrug, yeah someone in the office is looking at it, whatever.

  4. @Rob: yes, and that’s why when a lot of us (who would naturally be on the side of law and order) see the first report and say… *shrug* … what goes around, comes around.

  5. I’ve only had one direct experience of the police and it wasn’t a good one.

    So, no, fuck off Mr Policeman. If I’d been treated with a modicum of respect and even the tiniest sliver of an open mind I might have some respect for you but I wasn’t so I don’t.

  6. Here in Sunny South Africa there is a culture of contempt for the law created by the police themselves. First during the apartheid era when police violence and general ineptitude were directed mostly against the Black citizenry; and now the overwhelmingly Black police force are carrying on the tradition of screw the public in an entirely non-racist egalitarian manner.

  7. In the cause of diversity we have imported people of many cultures. The police have to adopt one culture. If they adopt the majority culture they will get maximum public support, but will be described as racist by the minorities and the self styled elite.
    At the moment they are falling between stools and pleasing no-one.
    Until the s.s. elite re-adopt the majority culture this will continue.
    The change will come when the s.s. elite acquire person experience of diversity, or are replaced.

  8. Ever since I was assaulted by a cop, wrongfully arrested and threatened with prosecution, by an inspector, if I pursued my complaint, I wouldn’t piss on a copper if he was on fire. The bastards can all die as far as I care, I just see them as the enemy.

  9. In my dealings with the local police my overwhelming impression has been that they are mostly morons unable to grasp simple facts , coupled with an extra helping of arrogance – knowing that they hold the power to make your life a misery. Easiest way to deal with them around here is to appear to be on the same low intellectual level as them or lower. Professionally i used to deal with the tax affairs of policemen – the only people worse to deal with (in the sense that they knew better than you how to do your job and hated being challenged) are teachers – on same level of cuntishness as the potato. Seeing how the police have acted in the last few years – rotherham, tommy robinson et al I find it hard to have any sympathy for them.

  10. For those filming our injured colleague…the difference between us & you is if you ever need our help in future, we will still respond.

    That’s what we pay you for, you bastard twat, if you don’t want to respond, resign.

  11. Taking in the Google Street view of Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry may offer some insight into the lack of interest amongst “the public”.

  12. @pjf when i was a student in the 70s i lived just off the stoney stanton rd. At the time the majority of ethnics were sikhs – fine upstanding people. Now looking at google maps i’st such and such islamic centre, so and so mosque etc. I can’t imagine the sikhs were pleased at the influx of vermin – they hate (justifiably) muslims

  13. Oh dear Katie French- if you’re going to do a straightface dogwhistle “Commuters appeared wholly unphazed by the display, with two middle-aged men leaving the carriage rather than helping the victims.”
    It would be better if you didn’t misgender the lady at 1.33 leaving the carriage.

  14. @ Hallowed Be
    You forget that anyone bad is a man and anyone good is a woman. Ability or inability to give birth, let alone physical appearance, is irrelevant.

  15. – “…the difference between us & you is if you ever need our help in future, we will still respond”

    Unless you’re one of the thousands of victims of industrial-scale child rape by organised Muslim groups, in which case we won’t (actually we’ll “respond” by arresting those who try to highlight and protest the atrocity.)

    Fuck off, copper. This useless cunt who fell off his bike and grazed his knee could have broken his neck for all I care.

  16. ‘The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.’ – Robert Peel

    The Left has removed from the public their ability and duty to police. This leaves the police separate from the public.

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