Blithering nonsense

Tiffin’s diary of life on universal credit is among the most striking contributions so far. The wheelchair user told Alston he is living off £95.35 a fortnight in universal credit payments and that after paying for his electricity and gas, fuel for his adapted car, broadband connection, TV licence and baby milk for his youngest son, he is left with £10.50 for two weeks.

It’s simply not true that he’s living on that, is it?

Where’s the rent? Child benefit?

Simply don’t believe it.

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  1. No claiming a war pension pension if he was injured in service ? Minimum of 20% disability to claim + will get army pension if 20% disabled. As he’s got a free car will be at least 20% disabled. Of course he might be disabled after leaving the services.What about PIP? and his partner?

  2. Food banks show that people care and are prepared to take action and donate without everything being left to the state.

    How many people have starved to death in the UK, outside of criminal negligence or mental illness?

    According to statistics that seem to appear on all the poverty websites, around 3.1 million children die every year around the world as a direct result of malnutrition. How many of those are in the UK. I’d guess it’s pretty close to zero (again excepting deliberate cruelty or mental illness).

    So well done us.

    If I saw someone drowning, I’d try to help. I guess the shroud-waving left would write a letter to the Guardian bewailing the woeful lack of lifeguards, all caused by Tory austerity.

  3. A few years ago I was canvassing. I met a bloke with a similar argument, but based on his old-age pension and his Council Tax bill. The lie was given by the only a few years old car in the drive of a £400k house. Tosser.

  4. well re reading the article it does appear that tiffin is a moron. Converts to islam and then goes round threatening to kill the kuffar. Unemployable and stupid.

  5. @moqifen: “He said the incident occurred when he was going through a complete breakdown.”

    Well, you do have to be mental to believe in Islam, so…

  6. The standard allowance for a single person over 25 is £317.82 a month. Add £126.11 for “limited capacity for work”
    Child element £277.08 for first child £231.67 for second presumably paid to his ex-partner.
    So his income is more than double the alleged £95.35 – he’s hiding the the other £100-odd quid.

  7. “If I saw someone drowning, I’d try to help.”

    Unless it was some moron who’d converted in Islam and has been going around threatening to kill people.

    In which case I’d shake the hand of whoever had pushed him in.

  8. @ Andrew C
    Whilst walking around Chatham docks this morning , i noticed a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “death to all infidels” -. silly bugger wasn’t watching where he was going and he tripped off the slipway and fell into the water. He was struggling to stay afloat and crying out for help – it was pretty obvious he couldn’t swim and surely drown without help. Being a responsible UK citizen, and abiding by the law of the land that requires you to help those in distress, I informed the Police, the Coastguard, the Ambulance Service and even the Fire Brigade..
    It is now after 3pm. He has drowned, and none of the authorities have yet responded. I’m starting to think I wasted Four stamps.

  9. Only the Graun would unquestioningly print the assertions of the obviously mentally ill.

    As I have mentioned on these pages previously, I would quite happily accept that some people in Britain are living in abject poverty, but the Guardian has never managed to print a convincing example. It’s either obvious falsehood, half a story or someone who is clearly the source their own problems.

  10. Here is the idiot again- notice the “Alexander Tiffin, who had been to Saudi Arabia and Turkey earlier this year, sent menacing texts
    to a member of his mosque, Shakibur Khan, five days after the London Bridge attack in June.”

    Read the post from @ken – he’s a whiney little bastard – looks like he spent his money going to saudi arabia and turkey. Anyway i thought the muzzies liked fasting ?

  11. @ Ken
    It says his lump sum reduces payments by £125 a month so £192/month basic
    BUT “limited capacity for work and work-related activity” gives an additional £328.32 per month, more than doubling it.
    So he’s skint because (i) he’s demanding broadband to satisfy DWP but not satisfying DWP and (ii) he’s quoting a temporary shortfall because he took a lump sum up front.

  12. @ ken
    You are, of course right, if he has declared himself a parasite unwilling to work.
    I was referring to which shows a payment for those willing to interact with DWP, which is what he claims he needs Broadband for.
    Either he needs Broadband to justify his claim for £300+ per month or he doesn’t. I was just about to say that he can’t haver it both ways but then I remembered that it’s the Grauniad.

  13. The best bit about that Daily Record article was right at the bottom:

    Defence solicitor Webb told the court: “I am grateful for the Crown’s conclusion that he is an idiot not a terrorist.”

    So presumably given a Court has declared him to be an idiot, and his own counsel has thanked them for that statement, we can all safely say ‘The man’s an idiot……..’

  14. @julia m – strange isn’t how new converts to the religion of piss suddenly get this notion to kill all unbelievers – it’s if it was writtrn down somewhere in their new members instruction manual.

  15. Thanks for the referrals Tim.

    I was declared fit to work so no additional element. Yes I had a Motability car. I could rarely use it as fuel costs.

    My children don’t live with me so no child related benefits.

    Yes I took the advance as the DWP suggested. Don’t do it unless you have to or you’ll suffer.

    Yes I did make a tit of myself by attempting suicide by cop. I was admonished in light of that. I’ve written about mental health and my mistakes extensively. But I forgot I’m Muslim so mental health is a joke.

    Was I not allowed a life before I became disabled?

    Oh and I showed my bank statements as proof of income etc.

    Universal credit is harming people beyond belief but you go on living in your bubble.

    Anyway the website referrals are greatly welcomed. Have a good day everyone.

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