Can we guess what’s in Michel Barnier’s deal?

The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator has said he would offer the UK a trade agreement “such as there never has been”, while the French President Emmanuel ­Macron is also reportedly softening his ­position in a bid avoid a “no-deal” scenario.

The EU has long resisted a bespoke deal, with Britain essentially being forced to choose between existing trading models such as those used by Norway and Canada.

But in comments that prompted a rise in the value of the pound, Michel Barnier told reporters in Berlin that the EU is prepared to offer the UK a unique agreement which would mean an unprecedentedly close relationship with the bloc.

1) Pay into the EU budget
2) Free movement of people
3) No independent trade treaties
4) Full regulatory alignment with the EU.

In effect, your special deal is to be in but with no say in anything. Won’t that be special?

19 thoughts on “Can we guess what’s in Michel Barnier’s deal?”

  1. He is going to try and agree the FFC’s sellout.

    The other 27 won’t go for it but the ESpew will try to ignore that.

    If the Tory shite smeared around the HoC swallow her turd then Corbin it is as far as I am concerned.

    Just time to write and threaten the POS one last time. One would hope that even degenerate BluLab scum MPs must have heard enough from a vile bitch who now endorses thieving Marxist scum and baby boilers.

  2. The EU is terrified that the UK might pursue the road of lighter regulation – an Atlantic Singapore – and so become more competitive than sclerotic Fortress Europe. So the EU will try to bind the UK into its regulatory web in exchange for very limited concessions.

    The UK government may fall for this, unfortunately; but it could be unpicked later.

    As for Corbyn, Ecksy, if he gets into power, he’ll do untold damage, build and import a permanent socialist majority, and possibly launch a coup…

  3. As Ecks points out, the other 27 have to agree. Ever try to get 27 people with opposing interests to agree anything? How much time is available?

  4. In theory Rhoda–but since when did the ESpew obey its own “rules”.

    Too bad Theo–the FFC isn’t getting away with it. If your rabble of traitors support her then that is it. If she wins it will be leftist tyranny anyway so socialism might as well get the blame.

  5. As I’ve just commented at Guido, it seems to me that everyone is aiming for no-deal but no-one can admit it.

  6. The Macron-Barnier démarche here is simply to disguise the intransigence which has characterised the EU’s negotiations thus far. It’s probably too late to change the tone now and sound convincing to a public that is thoroughly jaded and largely sceptical that anything positive can emerge from Brussels.

    We’ll end up with “no deal” by default.

    Good for us.

  7. Theo – As for Corbyn, Ecksy, if he gets into power, he’ll do untold damage, build and import a permanent socialist majority, and possibly launch a coup…

    Maybe the Conservatives should’ve thought of that before they decided to fuck us over?

    Oh well.

  8. “Maybe the Conservatives should’ve thought of that before they decided to fuck us over?”

    PLU don’t vote to please the Conservatives. We vote Conservative to prevent someone like Corbyn getting into power.

    That said, unhappy with the May government? Then, as Arron Banks suggests, join the Conservatives and have a vote on the next PM/Conservative leader.

    After all, UKIP is dying on its feet.

  9. Fantasy Theo.

    All the mugs joining cos they think they will get a vote?

    Oh yeah–the bought and paid for 1922 gang will ensure a rich choice of two other remainiac pricks to carry on May’s good work.

    UKIP is dying? Says a pack of arseholes featuring such wonders as Room-sharing Hague–he who appeals for public school plebs like you to pay your money and do what you are told?

    And as for “unpicking” Chequers later. Typical Tory bullshit. Not a prayer–not a prayer.

    UKIP votes will be enough to put your crew out on their arses. As Steve said–Blulab should have thought of that instead of listening to their own egos.

  10. M’Lud – you’re correct of course but it would be fun if the Conservative parliamentary party decide to put forward two remainers for the membership to choose from. I’m thinking that Hammond and Hunt would be the perfect duo.

    It’s touching that Theo whose comments and presence I always appreciate believes that there is a question to which the Tories can be the answer.

    On a related theme, is anyone else depressed by the appalling indignity of the dreadful FFC (©Ecksy) throwing her off-beat arthritic shapes to ethno-rythms in S Africa and Kenya. Will we soon have to recognise that she lacks self-awareness more than Capt. Potato?

  11. Theo – That said, unhappy with the May government? Then, as Arron Banks suggests, join the Conservatives and have a vote on the next PM/Conservative leader.

    That’s like advising traumatised kids to join Rolf’s Cartoon Club

  12. UKIP votes will be enough to put your crew out on their arses

    The tea leaves I’m reading say UKIP are a busted flush (barring a return of the Nige), but it doesn’t matter – the Conservatives will lose anyway due to alienating their own supporters even worse than they did with May’s disastrous 2017 clown car manifesto.

    Re: Corbyn. Remember, they already threw the kitchen sink at the guy during the last election. He picked up a nearly 10% swing and 30 extra MP’s.

    How’s scaring the blue-rinse brigade with horror stories about Corbo renationalising the glue factories supposed to work next time around? Spoiler alert: it won’t.

    BTW, I reckon there’s a semi-plausible case to be made that Corbyn is the real Brexit candidate. Not because of anything he’s said or done on the EU, but because he scares the shite out of the establishment.

    I’ve mentioned before how disgusted I am with the Jew-hate smear campaign currently being orchestrated against Jez, which I see as the B-side to Project Fear. For a legitimate, democratically elected leader of the Opposition to be monstered like that in order to drag us back to the smug, gay, metropolitan wanker consensus of pre-2016 just isn’t on.

    (Also, Rabbi Sacks’s astonishingly tone-deaf comparison of Jez to Enoch Powell will only make him stronger. Enoch may still be anathema in Golders Green, but if you live in Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Yorkshire or any of the other diversity-ravaged shitholes, guess what?)

    My take is, the majority of other voters also see this digital Kristallnacht for what it is, and are in no mood to be herded.

    Jez is the Brexit candidate because Brexit was in large part an overdue and richly deserved punishment of our self-appointed betters. Part of a broader populist renaissance as Western countries increasingly reject the new unhappy lords (see also Trump, Syriza, Five Star, PSOE, the Swedish Democrats, etc.)

    Since they clearly haven’t gotten the message yet, our next Prime Minister will be Bicycle Repair Man.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset


    “As for Corbyn, Ecksy, if he gets into power, he’ll do untold damage, build and import a permanent socialist majority, and possibly launch a coup…”

    I used to think our institutions were strong enough to withstand the likes of Corbyn trying to engineer a coup, but I’m not sure now. The left has been undermining them for so long that the edifice may well come tumbling.

    As to the suggestion of joining the CP I’ve just done that. In part for the reason given of voting in the leadership elections, but mainly because I live in an area where if the blue donkey gets less than 50% of the vote it’s deemed a failure. The current holder of the blue donkey rosette is an idiot and I want a say in selecting a replacement.

  14. TMB–The FFC’s dancing –bad as it is–shrinks when compared with her effective endorsement of Marxist thieves and boilers of little white boys.

    She is beyond scum.

    Theo is indeed a generally sound chap apart from his misguided love of the BluBelly Treason scumpot.

  15. Steve–I have no doubt Jizza is indeed anti-Semitic cos it goes with the scum of the left.

    But since he loves the beard boys and will likely import millions more of them it is not that big of a negative for him.

    Any Tory party worth a pint of piss would stop his voter base import and –as I have already outlined –use a “100 year rule” and the end of postal votes to ensure Jizza will be unelectable. As well as getting stuck into–and punishing– the Long Marchers who now infest our society.

    Since BluLabour are WOMI scum who will do none of that and who–if the Cow stays in place–have a whole series if tyrannical laws heading down the pike it will be leftist tyranny either way.

    Actual socialism via Jizz should get the blame for UK Venez mess to come rather than erstatz BluLab version –which leftist scum still deceitfully label as capitalism.

    I must make the point that I despise Jizza as the senile scum he is and his gang are as bad as Theo claims–every bit. In any case the far worse McNasty will soon replace him.

    But the arrogance of BluLab who think that they can use brinkmanship to spoil the largest democratic vote ever in this country must be punished.

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