Does Owen Jones have absolutely no sense of self-awareness at all?

There are several species of spider whose young hatch and gradually eat their own mother. The term for this macabre practice is matriphagy. This is now the fate of the Conservative party and its hungry Ukip offspring. Remainer Tory MPs are reporting sharp rises in applications to become members of their local associations – of up to 30% in the last three months. While dozens of Tory councillors defected to Ukip under David Cameron’s leadership, one report suggests at least 10% of Ukip councillors have gone the other way since 2015.

This is what Militant tried with the Labour Party, what Momentum has succeeded in doing.

22 thoughts on “Does Owen Jones have absolutely no sense of self-awareness at all?”

  1. Oh Owen Jones does have self-awarenews. If he hadn’t we might find him this week writing a piece on anti-semitism or perhaps Venezuela.

  2. A commentator recently warned of the danger of a ‘blue Momentum’ takeover of the Conservative party. I would call it more of a take back from the ‘heir to Blair’ swerve.

  3. When Corbyn won in 2016, little Owen joined most Labour MPs in decrying this as a disaster. He’s now desperately trying a reverse ferret, which fools no-one.

    I admire how you do JC’s work, tirelessly and, so far, without reward. Everybody close to Mr Corbyn still despises you. It’s so unfair. Maybe adding to your MCarthyite litany by calling Mr Field a bigot will make them see sense. I do hope so.

  4. I don’t think this UKIP bogeyman works really. After all they were a one issue party and 52% of the electorate agreed with them on that issue.

  5. How many tory members have resigned because they are conservatives? Or because they never realised what the party thinks about them. In short, what’s the net effect of chequers on membership?

  6. Compare Owen Jones and Potato: who is the less self-aware? In his latest piece of mind dribble, Spud writes:

    “There is value in knowing who you are, what you do, who you serve and why”

    I loved the 3rd point, who you serve… It is almost as if he inadvertently disclosed his hatred of freedom

  7. I can’t beat the response of the magnificent JuliaM – but the answer is, of course, assuming it is not rhetorical – ‘Yes’

    Agree 100% with the great Diogenes that Jones is probably the only contributor to rival Murphy in the stupidity stakes.

    The ghastly little scrote has been getting unbelievably cocky of late. It may be time to revitalise the Dark Web campaign to have him abducted and transferred to Eastern Syria to star in the latest Islamic State video…..

  8. seen him described as wanting to be jezza’s fleshlight.

    @vp-potential lovechild of the potato and the appalling carol wilcox ?

  9. How many of the ex-Ukip joiners were Tory members to start with? I have the feeling a lot of them are just “returning home”.

  10. I’m probably typical: voted Conservative every general election since 1979; UKIP for European Parliamentary elections.

  11. I have to thank master Jones. I just looked up spiders who eat their mother and it’s quite interesting.

    Apparently the mother regurgitates its own insides to feed its young.

  12. Just wundrin’ quite how the boy Jones thinks any party can gain power if it cannot attract votes and members from another party….

  13. Moqifen

    What a revolting thought – but I think all three share similar characteristics of total humourlessness, mind-numbing stupidity and regurgitation of every fashoionable cliche that comes into their mind at any given time so it is a possibility….

    Reading the article itself I am wondering if it is partly satirical. Noone can be that stupid in reality, can they?

  14. @ Van Patten
    Stupidity is not a sin, let alone a crime, and stupid guys are more likely to be honest. I think it is unfair to the mass of stupid decent guys to group Murphy and Owen Jones with them. Both are quite clever (in the sense of “too clever by half” – except that they aren’t as clever as that) but untrustworthy.

  15. I note that the last few articles from jones have not allowed comments.The guardian usually does this when it gauges that it’s readership – the terminally offended and stupid, might disagree with an article. The squealer is actually 34 but seems his physical and political development ceased at 14. I suspect that he hasn’t got any friends that could be classed as fully functioning and rounded human beings – just like spud.

  16. Voted Conservative every election since ’74, and UKIP in Euro elections. Was a party member in the days of Mrs T.
    But last election for the first time ever I spoiled my ballot. I’ll vote Conservative again when there is a conservative party to vote for. Next election? Full English Brexit or your toast.

  17. Does he believe what he spouts or is he just a renta gobshite who writes this crap for the Graun because they pay him?

    When that rag goes bust and he has to get a gig on The Mail will he change his tune or be a pet leftie for “balance”?

  18. rhoda klapp said:
    “How many tory members have resigned … what’s the net effect of chequers on membership?”

    Hanging on in case we are actually allowed a vote in the next leadership contest?

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