Drivel, just drivel

It’ll take more than shopping to save our debt-addled economy
Chris Bickerton
Britain’s growth model is unsustainable, and has created scandalous levels of inequality – we should rely more on production, not consumption


If the model’s broken, what’s the alternative? The UK needs to rebalance its growth, relying less on consumption and more on production.

Everything that is produced is consumed. All consumption is produced.

What is this man talking about?

Chris Bickerton teaches politics at Cambridge University.

Ahh, he’s talking about his own ignorance, isn’t he?

36 thoughts on “Drivel, just drivel”

  1. Eh? The purpose of all production is consumption. Unless you’re the Sovblok, and we know how that ends up.

  2. Is that practical politics, or theoretical politics?

    Is it about the best restaurants in London? Is it about fiddling your expenses? Is it about how to switch properties to build up a portfolio paid for by the taxpayer?

    Or is it boring stuff irrelevant in C21?

  3. Someone should ask him exactly what the purpose of production without consumption would be, and who would buy said production?

  4. Bloke no Longer in Austria


    It reminds me of my A Level History teacher in the 80s who said that the success of the British wartime economies (1916-18 and 1940-45) showed how central planning can work.
    Even at that tender age, it was clear that there was a bit of an issue with 100% sales tax on luxury items, rationing on chocolate and factories making millions of objects whose sole purpose was to be blown up.
    This is when I realised that to many (most) on the left “1984” was actually an instruction manual rather than a warning.

  5. It seems to me that this bloke was trying to suggest that a manufacturing led economy would be more desirable than what we currently have. Simply pouring scorn on the fact that his point was inexpertly made makes you all come over as the sorts who would mock someone for not recognising a flange or shim.

  6. Whah.

    Was “inexpertly made?” It was made quite well. And it’s stupid.

    The “he didn’t say what he said” defense doesn’t work around here.

  7. Why don’t y’all start making Avro Lancasters again? And we can make B-24s and Sherman tanks. That’ll get the economy going! Or would it be easier to just break a lot of windows?

  8. Ooh, we could all badly-make sh1t nobody wants, then leave it rusting in piles next to railway sidings. Meanwhile people go without things they need. The Soviet way.

  9. Gamecock

    And we can make B-24s and Sherman tanks.”

    B-17s and B-29s were better.

    And even the Sherman was only passable once they put a British 17pdr gun in it. Although you made lots of Shermans, I’ll give you that.

  10. JD said:
    “you all come over as the sorts who would mock someone for not recognising a flange or shim.”

    Well, if someone’s claiming to be an expert in plumbing, with a prestigious job teaching it, and based on those qualifications is writing in a national newspaper telling us that we should all change how we do plumbing, his inability to recognise basic plumbing parts might be a relevant criticism.

  11. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Alas one meets thsi sort of thing everywhere in humanities academe.

    I am reading a book right now which is blaming “capitalism” for low wages of women in early 19thC England.

    What they actually mean is “industrialisation”. This relates to the cloth and weaving trade, where mechanisation has taken over production and those (men and) women still employed are now minding the machines instead of producing the cloth with a subsequent drop in wages.

  12. Why don’t y’all start making Avro Lancasters again?

    Don’t give ’em any ideas. Here in the Deranged Dominion there are otherwise sane people who insist we ought to complete the Avro Arrow project. Like, today. For real.

  13. @Richard

    Just because someone knows nothing about a subject and every comment he makes on it is a cross between deranged, laughable, batshit crazy and dangerous doesn’t mean he isn’t an expert.

    Ask Spud.

    About anything.

    And he’ll tell you he’s an expert in it.

  14. Close all “departments of politics”*. Now. With Ecksian T & C.

    * including sociology, anything involving gender or feminism, and anything with ‘social’ or ‘studies’ in its title. For starters.

    I feel better after saying that! Even though it’s not likely to occur….but it’s more likely than most of Ecksy’s recommendations.

  15. Recently reading a book about the war, and the subject of Germany’s plundering of occupied countries was discussed: shipping all manner of goods home to the Fatherland, at best in exchange for Reichsmarks set at an arbitrarily high exchange rate.

    We now know, of course, that such countries were not being looted but rather were relying less on consumption and more on production.

  16. T'Bloke in T'Yorkshire

    Theo @8:37pm.

    I think that is exactly what the Hungarians are on about doing.

    De-funding all the Mickey Mouse yooooooomanities courses.

    Mr Ecks is Viktor Orban in disguise and I claim the usual 500 English pence remuneration…

  17. “B-17s and B-29s were better.”

    B-29s – yes, of course.

    Interesting fact: the development and deployment of the B-29 cost more than the Manhattan Project. The delivery system cost more than The Bomb.

    B-17s? NFW. The 24 had greater load capacity and greater range. And they were tough old birds, too.

    My father was a B-24 pilot. 467th BG (Heavy). Rackheath.

  18. Theo–That is T& S -(S for sedition).

    T&C–tits and cunt? Certainly not going to arrange any of that for leftists. Altho’ large numbers of them wouldn’t want it anyway.

    And so long as the poison of your BluLabour rabble exists there is little chance of any decent change. As Radders points out the 1922 scum are likely hatching schemes as we write to replace the FFC with a rich choice between two remainiac twats as Dear Leader.

  19. “And even the Sherman was only passable once they put a British 17pdr gun in it.”

    The US Army put a 90mm gun on one (M36B1/B2 tank destroyer) and that was pretty good. The American 76mm long gun armed Sherman was better (better high explosive round) in the normal tank role than the Firefly, which had much better armour piercing rounds.

  20. @Gamecock

    Respect to your father.

    I’ve always respected actor James Stewart too. He flew B17s in combat in the war, constantly having to go against the air force who wanted keep him away from active service to use him to sell bonds. He refused to capitalise on his war service afterwards, turning down interviews and war roles in movies, saying that he didn’t talk about the war, because he came back.

  21. An uncle was in the same squadron, Mr Crun. Wonder if they ever flew together.
    Used to see quite a lot of uncle’s work,walking the dog in Foret de Nieppe. He was trying to hit the V1 site. Whole place is full bomb craters. Apart from a near miss on a blockhouse no coconut.

  22. At least three-quarters of the rounds fired by 75mm Shermans were HE. AP performance is actually an over-played issue. The best round against, say, a Tiger was WP smoke.

  23. “At least three-quarters of the rounds fired by 75mm Shermans were HE. AP performance is actually an over-played issue. ”

    Thats bit like saying that parachute performance is an overplayed issue in preserving the lives of airmen, as the vast majority never used them.

    You don’t need them very much, but when you do they bloody well need to do the job in hand!

  24. That is to say most of the Sherman’s activity was against non-tank targets. Against tank targets it wasn’t very good. But the main threat to tanks was not other tanks. More were lost to mines and a/t guns, and later infantry a/t weapons. Had the Sherman been armoured against only the 75mm l/48, not the guns of Tiger or Panther, it might have given the Germans a big problem. But it looks different from the POV of the crew because there just wasn’t anything you could do about a tiger from a 75mm sherman and the sheer feeling of ineffectiveness dominated all. Reading the memoirs all incoming rounds were called 88s. Most of them were not though.

    (Don’t read this as me being wise after the events I was not present for. It’s just an observation. I’d like to know what 4 inches of armour instead of three would have done.)

  25. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Just heard a fascinating statistic in a docu on telly.
    The Ford factory ( of 67 acres) in Willow Run Michigan managed to produce a B24 every 63 minutes.

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