From other schools perhaps?

With Etonians shunned in the modern Cabinet, where will the new talent come from?

It’s a wonder that they even used that headline.

10 thoughts on “From other schools perhaps?”

  1. He’s correct, though, we do crave something funnier, more human, more raffish – for all his faults, Boris is good entertainment.

  2. Sad that he can’t see past Eton. Most Etonians in the cabinet in the past 30 years have been quite mediocre, albeit charming and personable on a one-to-one basis.

  3. BiND–Johnson is not trustworthy but he has had to nail his colours to the mast re Brexit–and that is what matters at the moment.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    I’m solidly in favour of Boris taking over and soon. Nobody else will “deliver” Brexit and the polls suggest that all the other potential Tory leadership contenders would fare worse and lose in a contest with Corbyn which is a frightening thought.

    JRM would, of course, also be an excellent choice and possibly better than Boris but does he even want the job?

    Bit of an OEA bias there, for which I apologise,

  5. “From other schools perhaps?”

    One of his points was that in the last few decades the principal other source of PMs was the grammar schools, which have been done down.

    I don’t think he rates people from minor public schools. Though he’s probably contractually required to make a nod to Churchill.

  6. @ dearieme
    NO, you are just plain wrong.
    I went to a middle-class public school, so I am very aware of the classification.

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