Fun bit

So, watching an old “Endeavour” (ie, “Young Morse Meets Oxford”) over the weekend and a little bit.

“Sgt Vimes of Cable St” taught Inspetor Thursday something or other about how to be a vicious copper but a just one.

Rather a nice Sir Pterry reference I thought….

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  1. I remember watching that episode on ITV boxsets or some such, and having to rewind to make sure I’d heard correctly.

  2. And wasn’t there an episode where a couple stayed in the Crossroads Motel somewhere up in the Midlands?

  3. The scriptwriters were ordered to make *all* the upper-class, even Endeavour’s childhood friends, look evil, so they occasionally took the mickey. Pterry wouldn’t sue them over “Sgt Vimes of Cable Street” since Vimes never worked at Cable Street (except cleaning out the swine as Sgt-at-Arms Keele after time-travelling), and, as Excavator Man and I noticed, they had a victim use the “Crossroads Motel” which isn’t *quite* the same as the “Crossroads Hotel”. We also had the evil minister looking very upper-class dated during a Wilson government.

  4. @ Andrew C
    Sorry – I never watched it, just heard the name So the Endeavour scriptwriters could get into trouble?

  5. In one episode, John Thaw’s daughter plays a librarian, who when meeting Endeavour comments: “Have we met before? Perhaps in another life?”
    There are whole web sites devoted to inside jokes hidden in Endeavour.
    I like it, as it’s reminiscent of a cryptic crossword and hence very in keeping with Morse as Dexter wrote him.

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