Gee, ya think?

British Asians more socially conservative than rest of UK, survey suggests

We need a survey for this?

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  1. and yeah not particularly meaningful since the more interesting breakdown would be looking at the differences between these two groups: “2,026 respondents to the British Asian survey, 1,197 were born in the UK”

  2. And are Asians actually a coherent group? Do Muslims and Hindus think the same as each other?
    Interesting to see that more Asians than Native British think the place has become more tolerant since the Brexit vote. I wonder if the BBC realised that?

  3. We definitely need someone to teach the BBC simple arithmetic – a weighted average of 90, 91 and 94 cannot be 95, more than 94, a weighted average of 50, 60 and 61 cannot be 66.

    The editor should be sacked because she/he is obviously incapable of doing her/his job.

    Grumpy Old Man

  4. The survey found that less than half of respondents – 43% – thought same-sex relationships were acceptable

    So I assume the Left will apply its standard rule here and denounce British “Asians” as bigots?

  5. “Asians” – anything (given how the UK media abuse the term) from

    – Egyptian (because Islam) to
    – Japanese (because Asia) stopping off at
    – Malaysian (because both.)

  6. O/T but I see Ben Stokes has been cleared of affray.

    Against him – the evidence

    For him – He’s a really good England cricketer.

    All round, then, definitely the right verdict.

  7. @ Andrew C
    The jury presumably heard all the evidence: the media has reported little bits.
    Even from those bits we can see that the “bouncer” was prejudiced against Stokes before he left the club (so I am sceptical about the quality of his evidence) and that Stokes didn’t start the fight.
    IMHO if it’s two, with weapons, – onto one, without, then knocking the two down in self-defence is reasonable.

  8. “We definitely need someone to teach the BBC simple arithmetic – a weighted average of 90, 91 and 94 cannot be 95, more than 94”
    Weighted means thumb hard down on the scales. (Also see BBC neutrality.)

  9. @John 77

    Had I been on the jury I would have read a book while the evidence was being presented and then found him not guilty.

  10. @John 77 – agreed
    @Andrew C – likewise!

    This sort of brawl happens all the time; it should be something for a magistrate to shout at and fine people for (if it is a first offence). No serious injuries, all participants fairly willing.

  11. On the ‘Asian conservatism’ question, I would say – after more than a decade of living in and travelling to the region – that as an airy generalisation the conclusion is entirely correct.

    However, I would argue this reflects how Western Europe has strayed out of line with what the rest of the world thinks about life. I suspect Asians are not much more or less conservative than Africans, Latin Americans or Eastern Europeans.

    There is also really no point trying to come to any significant conclusions based on lumping ‘Asians’ together. There’s lots of different wildly contrasting cultures.I suspect the only thing that Indians and Japanese have in common is being more conservative than Brits.

    And not all Brits by any means – I reckon my mother’s view of the world would line up 99% with an Indian Hindu woman of similar age and class.

  12. Had I been on the jury I would have read a book while the evidence was being presented and then found him not guilty.

    His autobiography?

  13. @Rob – I reckon anyone who had to read a young sportsman’s autobiography would be inclined to send him down.

  14. @ MC
    Not even a fine for the guy who steps in stop someone being attacked with a bottle [OK I have seen the snippets published by the media, so Ben Stokes may have done something unreported]
    When I was a kid the elder brother (a decent working-class lad) of one of my friends stepped in to defend a PC who was being attacked by two or three unpleasant persons and when they had jointly discouraged them the PC told Brian to scarper for his own safety before someone identified him and took revenge. So I am prejudiced in favour of Stokes and anyone else who tries to stop someone being hit with a bottle.

  15. Given that by the end of the trial even the prosecution had shifted tack to accusing him of starting out acting in self-defence but then going to far it shows the weakness of the evidence.
    The way the BBC used the prosecutors accusations as the headline to make it look like facts was reprehensible though

  16. The new BBC news article by “Dan Roan” judges him guilty despite being found “Not Guilty”.
    Apparently they can dredge up two incidents in five years where he deserved a rerimand and claim that England has a “drinking culture” because a few guys went out for a drink after a match. I would just love to see Dan Roan lecturing a rugger team after a match!

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    His crime in BBC eyes is that he is a fantastic cricketer and kids like his cavalier daring-do approach to the game. However he also appears to be a flawed genius because he likes a drink or five. That just won’t do n this puritanical age.

  18. He was reported to have drunk three pints and 5 or 6 vodkas. When I was his age, the group I went round with would not have considered that particularly excessive. I can;t speak for t’youth of today.

  19. Isn’t it a crime to breach Governemnt recommended alcohol limits? Can’t see why it wouldn’t be, the Goverment knows what is best for us and, if we won’t comply voluntarily, the heavy hand of the law should be brought to bear for our own good.

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