How Stalinist Mr. Corbyn

The thing is, does he know this stuff or just have a tin ear?

The BBC should declare the “social class” of all its presenters and journalists as part of a bid to improve its diversity, Jeremy Corbyn will say today.

The Labour leader will say presenters could be required to supply details about their background, including whether they went to private school and their parent’s occupation and education.

Mr Corbyn will say that the information would then be published as part of a drive to ensure there is “complete transparency” for “all creators of BBC content”.

That concern about social origins. Most, most, Soviet. Children of landlords or priests might be – and were – denied university. Those of proletarians offered scholarships. Only different in detail from the fascists and their worries about Jewish grandmothers. And that’s before we get to Soviet anti-semitism (I have all of that from the horse’s mouth, having “Jew” on the nationality line of your passport was not an aid in the USSR).

Still, will be interesting when such demands reach The Guardian. That’s Polly done for, gg grandaughter of a landed Earl. And is there anyone at all there we wouldn’d describe as haute bourgoisie ?

27 thoughts on “How Stalinist Mr. Corbyn”

  1. Isn’t he very posh himself? Will he resign for someone like Frank Field to make Labour more representative?

  2. Absolutely not the Absolute Boy

    Posh and thick. In an earlier age he would have been put into a nice church living where he couldn’t do much harm

  3. “In an earlier age he would have been put into a nice church living where he couldn’t do much harm”

    Spot on. First son inherits and does politics, second son joins the military, third does law, fourth son (which Corbyn is) takes holy orders. He’d probably be perfect as a CoE vicar.

  4. Brother Piers got all the brains. I think I remember him at Imperial during my curtailed stay. Met him again a couple of years ago. Still smart, a little..eccentric.

  5. I’m terribly sorry Seamus, but can’t be seen to have a Wykehamist in the top tea…

    Oh, no, that doesn’t happen

  6. Don’t forget that the criminal class was considered to be closer to the proletariat, so they were to be preferred to the rich, or the intellectuals (which meant anyone with an education).

  7. Maritime Barbarian

    Does this mean self-declaring of social class, like self-declaring of gender?
    (My mother thinks she’s working class, because her grandfather – about 1880 – was a farm labourer.)
    Or does someone decide for you? “You’re a toff, madam, judging by your parents post-code!”

  8. We should make a real member of the working class prime minister. For instance a bus driver might be a good candidate.

    I mean, what could go wrong.

  9. There are precious few Labour MPs or spads or Union leaders from the working class. Also just look at the number of Labour MPs children that went to private schools

  10. He doesn’t watch the BBC or he’d have noticed that 80% of BBC presenters have been replaced by BAMEs and they, obviously, won’t be asked about their social class, they’ll be listed as “victim of the white imperialist”.

  11. Be interesting to see how he intends to keep the real working class out of running the BBC. Yer actual working class, like, may vote Labour – because there’s little about the Tory party they can identify with. But politically they’re well to the right of Atilla the Hun. Can we look forward to a season of Leni Riefenstahl films?

  12. So, turf out the current posh incumbents and replace them with posh Momentum entryists. All fair, progressive and above board.

  13. BiS,

    Those Leni R films are about, um, err, the “…. socialist …. workers’ party” and its leader, which I respectfully suggest they are another of the hydra-heads of the Left. Indeed, until post-war they were recognised as such.

    You’ve been conned by the Left, mate, in one step beyong “it ain’t proper socialism” to “it’s not socialism at all”.

    I see that the present wisdom is that all those dudes in their Hugo Boss uniforms were high on crystal meth, so now’s the time to legalise drugs!

  14. Wasn’t discovering the connections (usually public schools) between Guardian and BBC journos and politicians are thing for a couple of bloggers a while back?

    Still, Corbyn still isn’t very bright and it’s pretty obvious what he’s upto as it is straight out of the playbook.

    Rob; always amusing, watching the revolutionary vanguard eat their own.

  15. And in the same drivel, he wants people to have to apply for permission to use the digital world. What is it about some people who automatically want everything to be banned unless they deign to give permission for it? Doesn’t he understand our centuries-long legal foundation of Common Law where everything starts off be default as being permitted, not default as being illegal.

  16. No, Excavator Man, I haven’t been conned by the left. Take away the parking warden uniforms & most of the working class would vote for AH at the drop of a hat. They like the idea of socialism if not the reality of it. Corbyn’s high in the polls because his message isn’t much different to Der Fuhrer’s. It’s the left conning themselves that the working class are interested in diversity, inclusiveness & yuman rights.

  17. What I actually would like to see revealed is the backscratching networks at the Beeb. She’s his daughter, he’s his stepson, she’s his mistress, and so on and on. More nepotism than the medieval papacy, I suspect.

  18. And that’s before we get to Soviet anti-semitism

    Back when I was in undergrad, the math club shared a bit of history about how antisemitism worked in Soviet mathematics. Apparently, their universities would keep a collection of what they called “Jewish Problems”, which were math problems that looked simple and had simple answers, but that required significant effort to actually derive/prove those answers. Most of them were things like “The solution is [simple condition] or [extremely convoluted condition],” and then proving that [extremely convoluted condition] couldn’t actually happen.
    One of the more accessible ones is “Given four points that lie on the perimeter of a square, construct that square using a compass & straightedge”.

  19. How about how many Labour MPs send their children to fee-paying schools? That might be revelatory.
    I got a scholarship – does that make me “privileged”? (Of course I was, the right choice of parents despite their having zilch money, but that’s not what Corbyn means)

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