How stories change, eh?

There is no surprise here: the reason why I refused the job of being McDonnell’s chief economic adviser in 2015 (Meadway was to be my deputy) was because McDonnell was adamant that he had to sign up to Osborne’s fiscal charter that required balanced budgets.

Stories do change over time, isn’t that nice? Because the old one was that he’d take the peerage but wanted a decent salary on top of the Lords Allowances to do the job.

27 thoughts on “How stories change, eh?”

  1. Richard Murphy: This is finest, leather-trimmed ermine with gold medallion accessories.

    Ex-Mrs. Murphy: Oh, go on, Richard, it’s cat. Oh, look, they’ve left the little collars on.

  2. MC – I have it on good authority that he refused to accept the post because he felt he was underpaid relative to the remainder of the group of 5 or 6 people he would be involved with….

    You are right that it caused a major rift with the Mcdonnell part of the pantomime horse though – he definitely burned his bridges there!!!

  3. Some lovely comments from the Potato

    1. “And who am I helping? Dammit, I’m speaking truth to power. Is that now unacceptable?”

    2. “I put quite a lot of effort into being as clear as possible. And I think it was clear. But it appears there is collective blindness on this issue”

    3. Most lovely of all, Murphy burns bridges with a commenter who had previously been supportive

    “That was your last comment here
    No one calls me racist when that is the last thing on earth I am”


  4. The Meissen Bison

    The last thing that he is, is thin. Actually no, it’s pleasant. Um, clever. Er, knowledgable.

    I give up.

  5. “I put quite a lot of effort into being as clear as possible

    Genuine lol. As for the racist bit, he’s more than happy for HMG to give the gunboat treatment to former colonies who earn a living providing lighter tax regimes than the socialist basket cases Murphy admires. I wouldn’t say that was racist, as he’d be just as big a cunt if they were white, but for many on the Left it would be de facto racism.

  6. Huhn. And here it was me thinking that he wasn’t even offered the job because (despite ‘authoring’ Corbyn’s economic “plan”) no one in government actually wanted anything to do with a loon who doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut around the cameras.

  7. @samjones – in your second link he’s arguing for additional taxes to raise revenue. He now says that you don’t need taxes to raise revenue. Honestly he needs to fuck off, and when he’s finished fucking off, fuck off some more.`

  8. Wasn’t it because he’s an insufferable bell-end who could start a fight locked in a room by himself?

  9. Murphy must be the most deluded man on the planet. I have actually attended some of his talks and he is vacuous and unable to engage with anything beyond his script and full of self-importance. The number of time he says “I” did that or that is nauseating.

    This is what John McDonnell said about him “He is not the economic adviser and never has been, because we doubted his judgment, unfortunately. He is a tax accountant, not an adviser. He is actually excellent on tax evasion and tax avoidance, but he leaves a lot to be desired on macroeconomic policy”.

    How is this guy a Professor? He is not even a good accountant. He has hardly published any papers in decent peer reviewed academic journals. I am taking bets that his current employers would have realized by now that he is no academic and it won’t be long before he is booted out.

  10. He’s a “Professor of Practice”, and the place that employs him isn’t exactly Corpus Christi, more Trot Poly.

  11. @William Bonds
    “How is this guy a Professor?”

    My recollection is that he was kinda-sorta a spokesman for, and the main author of (or a big influence on) ‘Corbynomics’. As Corbyn-mania was taking off subsequent to Jezza becoming leader, it seemed to me at the time that a bunch of lefties at Islington Poly decided that just giving this clearly influential nobody a professorship, would give the impression that the spud was a man of substance. “A professor – of international political economy, dontchaknow! He must know his stuff”. And hence giving some sort of imaginary backbone to Corbynomics

    I’m still dying to know how it is working out for his ‘students’.

  12. AndyC

    I don’t know how much he was offered although I think transport to London was included in the package. The thing to remember is back then obviously Corbin was seen as a comedy figure, not the grave threat he is now, so refusing it was a case of him hedging his bets because he felt a longer term advantage might accrue. As William Bonds rightly points out, his extreme self-regard verges on narcissism and he does believe that he has more insight than 300 plus years of ‘mainstream economics’

    My ‘informant’ on FB put up the original TRUK post and he has not responded when I said that the reason James Meadway (who is the chief advisor to Mcdonnell) probably didn’t respond is that Murphy’s arguments refuse to accept the basic economic framework so are akin to advocating either pursuing a ‘to hell with everyone’ policy akin to North Korea or a policy of overt money printing a la Zimbabwe. Despite his acolytes trying to give a veneer of credibility to this policy most people (even it seems Mcdonnell’s team) recognise it as cloud cuckoo land.

  13. @A “I give up if that halfwitted fat faced fuckwit can get a knighthood and a position in Parliament.”
    I thought it was a recommendation, if not an outright requirement.

  14. There was a comment on ‘Rate my Professor’ about said spud – rather scathing if I recall, its now disappeared. I wonder if he complained?

  15. Van_Patten, I don’t think Ritchie turned down the job because he was expecting a better offer. I think it was pure ego on his part. He felt as Corbyn had taken his ideas hook line and sinker he was entitled to a really big job with a big salary plus a peerage. No one else was going to offer him anything (except City University, who allegedly offered him the ‘professorship’ on the assumption he’d be a peer/Corbyn’s chief adviser) and he hasn’t come close since despite his attempts to ingratiate himself with the SNP.

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Van_Patten: Murphy’s self-regard doesn’t verge on narcissism. It’s set up camp on narcissism like a gang of pikeys in an Asda carpark.

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