How weird

A former head of human resources for the Federal Emergency Management Agency is under investigation after being accused of hiring women as possible sexual partners for male employees, the Washington Post reported Monday.

Very generous of him, wasn’t it? Not the popsie with the biggies as his own secretary but for the other blokes?

Or maybe he was being really generous and getting would be cat ladies into contact with those who could save them from that fate?

15 thoughts on “How weird”

  1. In my experience bosses often hire the most attractive women who apply. Even if any hopes of desire being fulfilled are totally forlorn and said boss knows it. I have had a few occasions to be grateful for such policy tho’.

  2. I remember a fellow director who had a PA with very large assets. He was an arse. It must be tough being known by physical looks rather than skills but it also must make life essier. Those women got jobs that they wouldn’t otherwise have had presumably.

  3. Ecks
    ‘ I have had a few occasions to be grateful for such policy tho’.

    You were hired on your looks?

  4. The most powerful (male) bosses in my experience had 2 PA’s.
    The fragrant,usually posh and thick, popsie who decorated the office and the middle aged superwoman who knew everything going on. The first were absolute pains. One asked for a package to go London to Sydney in 12 hrs!
    The second were great as long as you did your job.

  5. Or perhaps he was just trying to meet the latest “you must discriminate in order to stamp out discimination” edict, to get up the numbers?
    50% of each grade shall be female, but don’t you dare select on that basis!

  6. OT
    Tommy Robinson is freed on bail after top judges rule his 13-month sentence for contempt was ‘muddled and rushed’ because he was jailed just five hours after his arrest

    …No particulars of the contempt were formulated or put to the appellant. There was a muddle over the nature of the contempt being considered. In both the short explanation given by the judge of the general nature of the alleged contempt and the sentencing remarks, there was reference to matters that could not been a breach of the section 4(2) order. [64]. The failure to follow Part 48 Crim PR was more than technical [66]. There was no clarity about what the appellant was admitting or on what basis he was being sentenced….


  7. Jimmers–“You were hired on your looks?”

    Of course.

    The Blind Society hired me sight unseen.

    Pcar–So much for the Secret Barrack-room Lawdog and his lawdogshit.

  8. Ecksy- a quick glance at the SB website reveals he acknowledges that he made an error but says that such errors are nothing compared with the nasty racist refusal of the less-cowed members of the peasantry to accept the mass rape of their children as an acceptable price for filling the country with cheap, Labour-voting labour.

  9. @ Pcar
    The BBC reported that Tommy Robinson confessed to the alleged crime, than said that he was freed on Appeal …

  10. @ Fred
    Superwomen are not permanently middle-aged. I knew one who got promoted from Secretary to PA to the CIO in her mid-twenties and the then CEO’s PA deferred her retirement from 60 until he retired.

  11. @john 77

    “alleged crime” was one of the appeal statements: Judge M was wrong to class it as a criminal conviction.

    This misclassification led to TR being deprived of many rights and privileges including being in the wrong type of prison.

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