Interesting problem

The EU is too white – and Brexit is likely to make it worse

A continent of white people, by and large, should not be ruled by white people?

Gonna make that black power demand in S Africa difficult to sustain, isn’t it?

18 thoughts on “Interesting problem”

  1. Not just maths where the Guardian journos are fvcking useless:

    Jennifer Rankin in Brussels writes

    “Shaped by French bureaucratic tradition, the commission does not collect data on race, ethnicity or religion on the grounds of éqalité.”

    Egalite, FFS

  2. Related topic…..type ‘White man with white woman’ into google and search images (safe for work). Then tell me they aren’t trying to manipulate opinion!

  3. What would be not white enough out of interest? If you can be too something, presumably you can not have enough of it.

  4. “Of the European parliament’s 751 MEPs only three are of African descent”

    I thought we were all supposed to be of African descent, it’s just how far back you have to go that differs?

  5. How odd that they are not allowing comments on that article. Some things are as though handed down on tablets of stone, aren’t they?

  6. David Moore beat me to it

    Can you imagine if anyone had written:

    ‘ The African Union is too black’


    ‘ASEAN is too yellow’

    The howls of Twitter outrage would deafen us all. The author is clearly a moron and has been in Brussels long enough to ‘go native’ – I would advise that she be sent to Eastern Syria or Central Iraq near the Syrian border and can experience the consequences of ‘diversity’ firsthand…

  7. I’d love to see a graph that plots all countries HDI against percentage of legislature that are black.

  8. The best bit is ‘Brexit will make it worse’. The Guardian spent the last two years telling us we’re a bunch of backward racist little Englanders and the enlightened EU is better off without us.

  9. Absolutely, Jollygreenman, my redhead, Neanderthal wife deserves to get her family’s farm back. One overlooking the sea in Dorset would be nice.

  10. all they’ve got to do is self identify as black and the problem is solved..

    The sooner the bbc stops buying the guardian (buys 50% of all print copies) then the quicker the guardian can sink into irrelevance and join the daily muslim (independent) as internet only and sinking fast.

  11. The only “black” MEP mentioned is the leader of the Conservatives in Brussels – how did that get past the Grauniad’s editors?!?
    Brexit will make things worse because the Tories are the most racially balanced group of MEPs!
    SHOUT that

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