Lazy stupidity

When Jamie Oliver launched his new “punchy” jerk rice in supermarkets, he hoped consumers would fall head over heels for a dish “made with love” and bursting with “attitude”.

But last night his “knockout” creation became the subject of an extraordinary backlash, as Dawn Butler, the shadow equalities minister, accused the celebrity chef of cultural “appropriation”.

Confronting Oliver on Twitter, Ms Butler questioned whether he understood what ‘Jerk’ was and suggested that he receive a “masterclass” from Levi Roots, the British-Jamaican reggae musician and cook.

Sure, jerk rice is a bit odd, jerk is usually a meat marinade or style of cooking. But seriously folks, get over it.

Someone using an asian grain, a pre-Colombian exchange pepper and a European introduced (to the East Coast and Caribbean at least) bird to make jerk chicken is accusing someone else of cultural appropriation?

26 thoughts on “Lazy stupidity”

  1. I wonder if Ms Butler changed into appropriate clothes before making her attack?

    You can forget the Chanel suits love, at least for the next couple of hours.

  2. Cultural appropriation is the greatest con trick of the ignorant progressive (but I repeat myself).

    All you need to do is take it to its logical conclusion and you have a few thousand man-apes wondering around in Africa.

    All the good things we as humans have and have done have come through interchange.

    And of course, those with most to lose if we stop appropriating are not precisely stale old male whites like me.


  3. This is a level of stupidity that makes me think Ms Butler should stop culturally appropriating anything European, such as democracy or (still just about) functional societies, and go live in whatever part of Africa she self-identifies as coming from.

  4. I’m minded to accuse Dawn Butler of cultural appropriation here. Jerk chicken ‘n rice ‘n peas is regular fare in our house. But the recipe’s in no way Jamaican. Jamaican food’s commercial crap. The recipe’s small island cooking. St Vincent to be specific. And the small islands are where you go to get authentic Carribbean food.
    (Information & recipe thanks to Pearlene, mother of a g/f. And no-one but no-one argues with Pearlene)

  5. More of this, please. I want the people of Burnley, Swansea, Hartlepool seeing what their modern Labour Party is really like. Not simply riddled with crazy anti-semites but obsessive on irrelevant crap like this.

  6. Also, since when has one person having a go at another on social media been an “extraordinary backlash”?

    Modern journalism – a bunch of thirtysomethings lounging around in an office looking at Twitter. Suddenly a controversial Tweet appears! To the presses, comrades! Hold the front page!

    Pullitzers all round for the guardians of everything we hold dear.

  7. I was unfortunate enough to be a voter in Butler’s constituency when she was first parachuted into the Commons back in 2005. A complete and utter moron who is only in Parliament because of her race and gender this kind of idiocy – and if you trawl Guido Fawkes you’ll find a dozen examples quite easily- certainly points to urgent franchise reform as people who could put someone like that in Parliament are arguably unqualified to vote

  8. Accusations of cultural appropriation should not be met with excuses and explanations but rejected with scorn, abuse and invitations to stfu.

  9. Fighting in the ranks. “The car pulled away with a jerk.” The left hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Doncha just love political cannibalism.

  10. Oh my god, I’ve got to stop drinking tea with sugar. And isn’t wheat mesopotamian? No! Have to stop eating bread. And apples. Oh god, beef! And wasn’t margarine invented in America? Jeeze, potatoes! Savoy cabbage! I have to chuck everything out of my fridge.

  11. Dawn Butler, of Jamaican heritage, has culturally appropriated the British cultural role of MP. She also lives in the UK and culturally appropriates our water and sewage system, our superb electricity generating system, our education system and our healthcare system. All JO has done is use a perfectly reasonable English word in completely the wrong context. Oi, Dawn, stop appropriating my language too.

  12. “the only answer to these people is ‘piss off’.”

    I’m thinking the response should be, “So we shouldn’t value other cultures ?!?!”

    You don’t have to have cognitive dissonance to be a Lefty, but it helps.

  13. The Left’s simultaneous push for (and love of) multiculturalism alongside a hatred for cultural appropriation is insanity.

    “Let’s have all these different cultures all together in a small space but they must rigidly stick to and maintain their own cultures and are absolutely not allowed to mix at all”

    In the past we had nation-states with their own (relatively) monocultures which ruled their lands and periodically fought each other for ownership of more land. The left now seem to want that but at the level of streets and neighbourhoods.

  14. Don’t engage with them on any level other than “Fuck off”. It’s a cynical power play by the Left to just shut you down and make you cringe. They will never apply it to themselves or their allies and is entirely cynical and tactical.

    Never apologise, never explain. Let them screech louder and expose what fucking loonies they are.

  15. Judging by the impact of some of the imported gangs we are already at street/neighbourhood levels

    You would hope a prominent Brit of Italian descent chips in to complain about JO’s Italian cultural appropriation just to show the absurdity and I guess fusion cuisine is just blatant racism now

  16. @BniC
    I’m afraid you’re labouring under the illusion that crimes against PC are in any way symmetric. Women can’t be sexist, black people can’t be racist. Because: reasons.

  17. The Left is emotionally dishonest is closer to the mark, not much thought goes into their inconsistent positions. Twatter gives them the opportunity to have a knee jerk reaction instantaneously with out thinking.

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