M. Hulot is on ‘oliday

French minister Nicolas Hulot resigns on live radio in frustration

Quite the most fun part being:

The resignation comes a day after the government announced it was relaxing restrictions on hunting. Mr Hulot said that this decision had made him aware of the power of lobbyists.

What does anyone think an environmental campaigner is if not a lobbyist?

11 thoughts on “M. Hulot is on ‘oliday”

  1. It’s shameful, corrupt lobbying when you do it, but enlightened advocacy in the public interest when we do it.

  2. Dennis the Peasant

    There are wogs, and then there are wogs.

    I’m so happy France is over there where you wogs are.

  3. Irregular verb time:

    I make impassioned pleas for righteous change

    You are a lobbyist

    He is a paid shill for wealthy vested interests.

  4. Oh no! I’m a lobbyist because I’ve supported my parish council asking for public toilets to be exempt from rates. I need to wash my hands.

  5. Lobbyists are not villains.

    Lobbyists are the natural reaction to excessive government power. Government is the villain.

    “He is a paid shill for wealthy vested interests.”

    WTF? Are wealthy vested interests not allowed to speak?

  6. @ Gamecock
    Wealthy vested interests who are the paymasters of the left (public sector unions, so-called charities, Harry Hyams who pushed up rents by keeping Centre Point, then the largest office building in London empty in order to distort the supply-demand balance, talentless media stars paid £millions by the BBC although they couldn’t a job in private sector media) are, of course, allowed to speak.
    Anyone right-of-centre “should be de-platformed”

  7. “Are wealthy vested interests not allowed to speak?”

    Of course not, what do you think this is, a free country?

  8. How refreshing: a government relaxing restrictions on something enjoyable (which involves firearms to boot…).

    I hope the stupid authoritarian fascist cow Mrs May is watching (or else too busy practising her moves)

  9. Hulot has legislated to prevent all fossil fuel exploration in France although there are massive potential reserves of frackable gas there. Did he jump or did Macron give him the shove before he passed more inane laws?

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