Never fails, The Guardian and numbers

But does it mean cheaper holidays? Yes. According to cost-of-living website Numbeo, the price of a beer in Bodrum has fallen by £2.60 to £1.60,

It’s fallen from, to, not by.

The Turkish lira hasn’t fallen that much, Jeebus. Well, yet, wait ’till Spudda advises Erdogan. Maybe taxes should rise by 10% of GP instead of interest rates going up. You know, monetary policy doesn’t work, only fiscal does, that’s the lesson of MMT.

15 thoughts on “Never fails, The Guardian and numbers”

  1. @ Bilbaoboy
    The BBC reports that Cornwall is suffering from overcrowding as sensible people choose somewhere that is just as warm as most of Europe, a lot cheaper, everyone speaks English, you don’t get food poisoning, and isn’t affected by Ryanair strikes.
    The Grauniad, on the other hand, is concerned about reductions in the cost of very expensive holidays that involve flying (very UnGreen) thousands of miles.

  2. john 77 said:
    “Cornwall … a lot cheaper … you don’t get food poisoning”

    Have you actually been? There are some pretty expensive dodgy pasties on sale.

  3. If the beer is foreign then the price will have to rise again.

    And I would love to go to Turkey. But my wife refuses on the basis that she doesn’t trust it not to collapse (coup, war, foreign exchange stopped etc). I can’t stand Erdogan’s rule and am happy to not give it a cent.

    So while we have spent four months in Eastern Europe, Turkey didn’t see us.

    I suspect it’s cheap because they’re running out of visitors. Egypt is cheap too, why not go there?

  4. “Well, yet, wait ’till Spudda advises Erdogan”

    We need wait no more! You’re right Tim! Apparently he didn’t tax enough and allowed “parallel currencies” to flourish and destroy the economy.

    In short, Erdogan hasn’t been Courageous enough. This may come as a surprise to some.

  5. @ Richard
    Yes, more than once; and never got food poisoning.
    I don’t eat Cornish Pasties because I don’t turnips and swedes but one rarely gets food poisoning fron cooked vegetables

  6. I’ve been giving a lot of though to this Modern Monetary Theory thing & realised there’s something Murph’s missed out on. The obvious course is to print other countries’ money. Then you can both tax it back to avoid inflation and sell the created currency on the foreign exchange markets, for pounds. So strengthening the pound and ending up with twice as much money as you started with. What’s not to like?

  7. I believe the royal mint already produces currency for some other countries under contract so not even the hassle of recreating the designs etc and all the associated setup costs

  8. BniC: The real money’s in paper currency, you need to get into De La Rue. Coinage is just so much scrap metal.

  9. @BniC, August 13, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    iirc Royal Mint and De La Rue produce ~45% of world’s countries currencies

  10. 1 Ottoman lira was roughly equal to £1 in the late 1800s when the world was on the gold standard. Now, £1 is 8 lira, but 8 lira is actually 8 million of the original lira.

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