Not very politically correct these days

There is also one more point about South Africa, one that’s terribly impolite to mention these days, and someone can even be accused of racism for even thinking about it. The Bantu (that’s a technical term applying to the culture) didn’t actually reach the area south and west of the Fish River in South Africa before the Dutch and English (i.e., the whites) arrived. The area simply didn’t work for the Bantu agricultural basket of technologies. It needed wheat and other European crops before it could be farmed. The inhabitants before that were the Khoi San and the like, just the same people who were displaced by the Bantu Expansion out of West Africa in the previous millennium.

To put it crudely and politically incorrectly, within recorded history everyone there other than the Bushmen is a recent colonialist, white and black together. Quite why we should destroy an economy to benefit one group of such incomers over another isn’t well explained by anybody.

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  1. It’s being driven by that poisonous little shit Malema; and it’s all about the ANC getting votes for next year’s elections. Facts and logic and fairness don’t come into it. There is also, amazingly, a close correlation between the areas being stolen and mineral deposits.

  2. Not a cause the SJWs are going to line up behind, or the Labour Party, these days not one I’m even sure the Tories would back.

  3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that: No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

    Trump should bring it up at the UN.

  4. Mr Ecks, what Air Force. Not sure of squadron strength but SAAF only have Gripen C and D combat aircraft plus about 4 helicopter squadrons.

    Not really worth bothering about.

  5. A gesture Henry–a gesture to show the scummy ANC leadership that we will help the whites fight a successful civil war.

  6. You’re correct about the threshold of Bantu expansion where White and Black met at the Fish River.

    The first two farms to be expropriated without compensation are both in the northern part of the country, which had been settled by Bantu a few centuries beforehand.

    Interestingly enough, our beloved president Cyril Ramaphosa owns a game farm and regularly auctions off stock to other farms for breeding or canned hunting. I’m sure he’ll be at the head of the queue to get a free share of the expropriated game farms.

    Another point is that the period 1800 – 1840 in South Africa was a time of intense population pressure among the Bantu, with Israelite-type genocides a la the 12 Tribes. Kill all the males and carry off the livestock and females, that kind of thing. The official name is the Difeqane, the ‘q’ being the roof of the mouth click sound. The guys that Shaka kicked out of Zululand migrated to the Highveld where they kicked out Msilikatse, who in turn migrated to modern Zimbabwe and genocided the heck out of the people he found there. At the same time the Afrikaners in the Southern Cape who didn’t like their new British masters, had trekked in their ox-wagons into the interior where they “bought” land from various chieftains for beads, mirrors and trinkets as per the custom of the time.

    So it’s not really that straightforward. We evil-hearted Whites didn’t really steal the land. It was all up for grabs and, the concept of land ownership in perpetuity being unknown to the Bantu people, before they knew what was what the Boers had got all the land.

    As Blacks say, when the Whites came the Blacks had all the land and the Whites had the Bible. Now the Blacks have the Bible…

  7. Mr Ecks, I expect that a vast majority of SAAF personnel would turn on the ANC and EFF in a thrice.

    Flattening the Union Buildings in Pretoria or the Parliament in Cape Town would be a better demonstration.

  8. One of the only humourous bits of this horror show is the sight of horrified anti-white activists complaining that 8% of the population, i.e the white farmers, own 70% of the land!

    These fu*knuckles don’t seem to have even a basic understanding of how agriculture works, yet think they can run the country?

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