Oh Aye?

This is how it starts folks:

Licence fee-payers would then choose individuals to represent their interests on the board, providing potential candidates met certain qualifying criteria.

What criteria?

It doesn’t take long for such to include membership of the right organisations. Anyone can stand for election as long as they’re a member of the Communist Party is something that half of Europe dealt with for half a century….

9 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. The chief qualifying criterion being that the interests of licence fee payers are not actually represented on the board.

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria ( but watches their telly)

    The ORF in Austria does something like this. Not unsurprisingly it just ends up doling jobs along party lines. there is a 35 strong committee that decides the strategy and running of the ORF.

    I’ve no idea whether anyone can actually be arsed to vote.

    Recently they revamped their radio schedules – most annoying thing is that they’ve changed all the signature tunes to the shows !

  3. Corbyn will also raise the prospect of charitable status for organisations that pursue not-for-profit investigative journalism

    Public cash for Squawkbox. Vote winner!

    Other funds could be redirected to local, community and investigative news co-ops that pledged to hold local institutions to account.

    “Pledged to hold local institutions to account”. Genuine lol. Pledged to advance the interests of Momentum is the correct answer.

    Require the BBC to publish equality data, including for social class, for all creators of its content, whether in-house or external.

    Nothing sinister in demanding the names and occupations of your parents, no sir. Nothing sinister at all.

  4. Momentum rapidly needs to be a banned organisation. Along with Common Purpose and several others.

    We are presently sitting here watching them loading the gun they intend to shoot us with.

  5. Ok, I want the theme tune to return to PM, Tom Baker will come back as The Doctor, repeats of The Goodies at teatime on BBC 2, followed by The Water Margin and Monkey.

  6. I’m with ducky.
    But I wonder whether the present incumbents at the BBC will wake up to what’s in store for them. If they do their support for Corbyn should wane. But I expect they’ll carry on like lemmings.

  7. Mr Ecks,

    “We are presently sitting here watching them loading the gun they intend to shoot us with.”

    We’ve been doing that for years.

    Most Conservatives do not understand this stuff. They do not grasp that almost everyone that works for the state is a lefty who will always vote for bigger government because it makes them richer and that that weaponises the left. Follow almost anyone at the BBC and they’re a Guardian lefty. Because that’s where their personal interest lies.

    If we shut down the BBC and had capitalists doing Match of the Day, I seriously doubt they’d pay Lineker and his pals the ludicrous money they earn for presenting it. If you offered £100k/annum you’d have a queue of people who could do it. That’s why he’s on team with the establishment. He wants to retain his privilege.

    It’s a win-win that they just don’t grasp. Destroy the BBC, most of the foreign aid budget and other wank and you’ll lose almost no voters. The workers will be happier with more money to spend. While also destroying the opposition’s donations and propaganda machine.

  8. For £50 grand a year I would recruit and hire an annual Lineker replacement who would do the same job for one thou per programme.

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