OK, yes, we’ve done that, we’ve got an answer

Greece may still be Europe’s sick patient, but the EU is at death’s door
Marina Prentoulis
EU-imposed austerity is finally over for pauperised Greece – and it’s time for a rethink of the whole European project

That answer being, don’t have a European project.

So, that’s dealt with then, next?

6 thoughts on “OK, yes, we’ve done that, we’ve got an answer”

  1. This is brilliant!!

    ‘It was the point that Greece and the rest of the world realised that our European partners had no intention of breaking with the imposed austerity policies, despite the huge cost in human lives’

    The Greeks should have been allowed to continue claiming pensions for dead people, retiring at 52 and charging rich shipowners tax rates of 2%. Everyone else in Europe should have had solidarity with such behaviour…

    ‘It also showed that they would not cease demanding neoliberal structural adjustments – including privatisations of national assets – that had never previously been imposed on European countries. It was the moment when the “patient” realised that the “doctor” had forgotten their medical oath: in this case, to act in the interest of the people of Europe rather than in the interest of a flawed economic system.’

    I would like to see this lady try and say to the hard pressed citizens of Helsinki and Amstredam (Sadly it seems ‘Italexist’ will preced ‘Nexit’ and ‘Finexit’ that it was in theri interests to bankroll the people of Greece ad infinitum.

    As you say Tim, hopefully this is another nail in the coffin but in the meantime the buggers will continue to squeeze us during Brexit negotiations. Expect some more pain…….

  2. The Guardian really is fantastic. Today: the EU is an evil neoliberal project that is at Death’s door; tomorrow: Brexit is insane, how could you wish to leave?

  3. Maybe the citizens of Amsterdam and Helsinki feel hard-pressed but at least their economy has not shrunk by about 25% and the unemployment rate is not 19% (with youth unemployment at 40%). To be sure, the Greek government has not covered itself in glory but this “successful” exit from the financial assistance programme has left an economy in a state of chaos. At 2% growth it is going to take forever to get back to where it was in 2008. And the cost has been on the Greek in the street while the the establishment was fiddling the data and letting the oligarchs slip slide away from paying their taxes.

    Long live the EU

  4. Diogenes

    Comment is not intended to be a criticism of the current Greek regime but pointing out that the Dutch and Finns (in particular) would leave the Euro rather than continue to bankroll Greece. The Eu is the villain and when it does collapse my god there will need to be a reckoning with legions of hangers on and willing collaborators.

  5. VP and of course it all means that the original loans mostly came from German banks and that useless cow Merkel refused to have to stand up and tell them that their loans were worthless. A real act of political cowardice which has meant the ruin of a nation. But all is fine as long as fat Germans continue to get fatter

    Vive the Euro zone!

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