Other than that, voters, how did you enjoy the election?

Jeremy Corbyn: a pacifist who lauds blood-soaked murderers, a believer in “dialogue” who backs believers in terror, a freedom fighter who wants to control the press, a “kinder, gentler” politician who allows antisemitism to run rife in his own party. I would call all this ironic but the Labour leader has implied that Brits of Jewish heritage such as me just don’t get it.

And they might elect him, too.

6 thoughts on “Other than that, voters, how did you enjoy the election?”

  1. Oh, they probably will, as well. Through a long term ex-girlfriend I know quite a lot of left wing Jews. Attended a wedding was garnished with a complete set of Milibands, for a start. Her son marrying the daughter of a mildly well known but insufferably tediousJewish playwright. I’ve never known people could so well manage to reconcile conflicting positions. She was the daughter of a Russian communist Jew driven out in the twenties by institutional anti-semitism. Yet was a Young Communist, following in the footsteps of her father. Was a Labour councillor when I first met her. She’ll still be in the Corbyn wing of the party, despite her now being exactly the sort of gravel drive socialist he despises.
    And the rest of them. Protesting against anti-semitism whilst excluding outsiders from their circle of Jewishness. Vociferously criticising Israeli government policies whilst half their family’s are homesteading on Palestinian land. Doesn’t stop them going for holidays, though. All professing to be socialists despite being the epitome of money gouging capitalists.
    Turkeys may not vote for Xmas, but they will.

  2. Jews spend generations agitating for socialism and mass Muslim immigration (to Britain, of course, Israel is different), complain when they get what they asked for.

    I can see why the God of the Old Testament got a bit shirty with them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    At least he won’t be there long. Once Momentum have completed their takeover of the party and Labour win the election, they will vote Corbs out and replace him with someone suitably hard-line.

    That’s how Livingstone came to be head of the GLC and it was the plan that Militant had for Foot/Benn etc in the 1980s.

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