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Remoaners again:

This week the Guardian added more colour and detail to the picture that, along with the Observer, it has been revealing for months. Specifically, it published details of the lucrative goldmining deal that was dangled by the Russian ambassador in front of Arron Banks, the main donor behind Leave.EU, in the lead-up to the Brexit vote. Readers can now see for themselves the tempting PowerPoint presentation Moscow made to Banks – opening with a slide of shimmering gold bars, complete with Cyrillic engraving, alongside a Russian flag.

At the very least, you would think the UK government might be curious as to why Putin’s top diplomat in London would favour Banks not only with multiple meetings – four at last count, though Banks used to say they had met only once – but with such exclusive “opportunities not available to others”, to quote the pitch document. Banks says he didn’t take up the golden offer, which included a promise of support from a Kremlin bank, much as Trump says the Trump Tower meeting between his son and Russian representatives promising dirt on Hillary Clinton “went nowhere”. But that is hardly the point. Given that Banks has never explained the precise source of the £9m he gave to the Brexit campaign – the largest single donation in UK political history – the fact that the Russians lavished such preferential attention on him requires explanation, starting with: what exactly did they expect in return?

Bloke who looks at pitch documents for a living is shown pitch document. Therefore we shouldn’t leave the EU.

A very small part of being an entrepreneur is in trying to find the people to run the business, businesses, which one already owns. It’s the essential step in stopping being a one man band and making that leap into corporate oligarch. A slightly larger amount of time will be spent in considering which of the things that one already does are things that one should stop doing. When to sell a profitable set up, when to close down and abandon one not working and so on. But the vast majority of time will be spent considering what should be done next. Sifting through the sea of deals on offer to uncover that rare valuable nugget amongst the fool’s gold.

Being successful at this level is about having that nose for that nugget. It also means reading and being pitched upon an awfully large amount of the most utter dross.


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  1. Given that Freedland has never explained the precise source of the £156.95 he paid for the hedge trimmer – the largest single sum ever spent on gardening implements at No. 62.

  2. Our local slapper, Wollaston, is using the same trick. I assume they believe if they say Banks and Russia enough times, something will stick.

  3. Write to local your Tory remain puke and promise him/her it will be out on /her arse time if the Chequers shitshow goes through.

    It would only take a few million letters to sink the entire Tory sellout into the depths.

  4. Ecks

    Did that. Simply got pages of dishonest drivel back (Olly’s work) telling me how wonderful the deal was. Looks like mine’s just another useless trougher, and diplomatically told him so.

    Bernie G

    That’s open primaries for you. The local labour party turn up en masse, pissing themselves laughing as they appoint the leftiest idiot from the pack..

  5. Can’t help but find this sort of thing amusing:
    “We have had for nearly a year the documented proof that the Kremlin ran a social media campaign through the Internet Research Agency, its troll farm in St Petersburg, using more than 400 fake Twitter accounts to push for a British exit from the EU.”
    From what I’ve seen of it, Twatter’s extremely selective. You’re only really going to see tweets on Twatter on specific topics if you go looking for them. And, in this case, the only people who are going to do that are the media, politicians & a few political junkies. So if people like the writer didn’t bring twattering to the public’s attention via the pages of the Graun, they’d go largely unnoticed. So the simple answer is STFU.

  6. This morning I passed a farm that advertised “HORSE POO, 75p A BAG”. Had I not been on my bicycle, I might have added a pencilled inscription: “No thanks, I get all I need from the mainstream media”.

  7. PF–Was it a form letter–or did the idiot or his office write it? If it was personally penned it means he has only had a few complaints. The key is numbers–the more they get the more they need to wash their underpants. A few they can laugh off but it is numbers that will break them.

    I ‘ve written to half of the non Brexit MP’s Associations so far ( the MPs don’t read non-constituents) and had only two replys that were negative. Both were countered.

    We just have to keep on. 10 million letters would break the FFC and her crew instantly.

    Just keep going. Make them understand that betrayal=dole queue. That simple in the end.

  8. I can echo PF re the letter from our remainer MP. Long and entirely bollocks, restating the objections falsely before refuting the misstatement. Carefully phrased, I reckon it came from CCHQ or No10 and had a little personalisation added by each MP. Maybe we can get together and compare.

    (My weasel MP is in Henley)

  9. Ecks,

    He’s clearly had numbers. it took him two or three weeks to respond and it was a blatant circular / cut and paste, and clearly written for general distribution by either the oily one or Central Office.

    I believe that some Brexit supporting MPs are taking a very different approach / response to such letters..;)

    You are obviously right – re numbers – even if the number of zeroes is wishful thinking!

    “Make them understand that betrayal=dole queue”

    Mine’s completely safe (unfortunately – in this particular context). Which is a problem, as a fair number of them electorally are relatively safe. It needs their local constituency office / members to get them out, which is mostly unlikely.

  10. Mr Ecks: this not replying to non-constituents nonsense is ridiculous. Some years ago I needed to write to the MP that was the chair of a certain committee about stuff that committee dealt with (can’t remember the details, something local government-y). I was told I had to write to my MP. But my MP wasn’t the chair of that committee, wasn’t even a member of the committe, wasn’t in the same party, and from previous knowledge, had absolutely no interest in the things the committee dealt with.

  11. We can only do what we can do. Push the dirty bastards and encourage everyone we know to push them.

    Numbers are what matter. If the human race wasn’t largely lazy and gutless NONE of the shite at the “top” would get away with anything.

  12. @ jgh
    It’s not nonsense invented by the MP – it’s part of HoC rules. You may believe that it’s nonsense but it’s not his fault.
    Many moons ago (I can’t remember, so long ago that I was still able to wear my scout shorts, but possibly 1962), I went for a walk in Northumberland in my summer holidays and observed a quarry that was (or seemed to be) eating into Hadrian’s Wall, so when I got home I wrote a letter to the local MP for Hexham, Sir Rupert Speir, expressing my concern [have I mentioned that I was a precocious child? – you may think that I was just plain irritating but I couldn’t possibly comment] and got a polite letter back explaining he could not deal with a complaint from the consituent of another MP and that he had referred it to my parents’ MP (a decent Labour guy) – then adding that the quarry had got planning permission before Hadrian’s Wall was officially recognised as an Ancient Monument and the company had subsequentky agreed not to damage the Wall.

  13. This morning I passed a farm that advertised “HORSE POO, 75p A BAG”

    There’s a farm in Norfolk with a sign reading: “Horse muck. Pick your own.”

    Which sums up the MSM perfectly!

  14. So are the media going to condemn the US for their intereference?
    Actually thinking about it if they could find a way to pin it on Trump instead of Obama I’m sure they would.

  15. Russia has replaced global warming/climate change as the cause of everything. Same deal – one must be compelled by the seriousness of the charge, not the nature of the evidence.

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