Sadly I’ll forget to use this excuse

Middle aged drinking may reduce dementia risk, new study finds

Analysis of more than 9,000 people found those who never touched a drop were around 50 per cent more likely to develop the degenerative condition compared to those who drink moderately.

Published in the British Medical Journal, the results challenge formal NHS advice, which recommends going teetotal to reduce dementia risk.

How unlike government advice to be wrong…..

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  1. Wasn’t there a report somewhere that said being forced to get up before you were naturally awake was equivalent to being punched repeatedekly in the face? It certainly feels like it as I’ve dragged myself out of bed for a doctors appointment after I told the land whale on reception THREE TIMES that every proffered appointment was too early.
    8am? Too early! 8:15? Too early! We can manage 8:20? No! Too Early! Afternoon! We don’t do afternoon, the earliest we can do is 9am. (eh???)

  2. “However, scientists behind the research say health officials will never recommend moderate intake as “safe” for dementia because of the other diseases, such as cancer, associated with enjoying a small number of drinks per week.”

    Not because they are miserable, whey-faced killjoys then?

  3. Exactly JuliaM. With all the constant doom, gloom, hideous diseases and mental degradation being constantly rammed down one’s throat, it’s enough to drive you to drink!

  4. Over the years advice on this topic has been so contradictory, you may as well carry on regardless. However the whole sorry business just completely devalues the idea of ‘official advice’ even though it might be of some value in non-controversial fields (where real evidence gets used to validate it).

  5. The Unused Testicle

    Go teetotal and reduce dementia so that when you get cancer you know all about it.

    In other news:

    Live a long and fulfilling life by not drinking alcohol, not smoking and not having sex. Oh wait not the last one (yet).

    An announcement by PHE (Quaker spinsters temperance and prohibition department)

  6. “If we drink, we will die.”

    “If we don’t drink, we will die.”

    “We may as well drink.”

    Kalinka song, Taras Bulba, 1962

  7. “And yet some people (not here probably) are still prepared to give them the time of day?”

    CM scum wants to give them dictatorial power over you. That government is frequently wrong is of no concern to them. As long as everyone gets fvcked over equally.

  8. Oi! Quakers have no truck with prohibition and forcing other people how to live their lives. Quakers advocate (never preach) personal choice of moderation. If you chose to do differently without harming other people that’s your personal choice not a moral failing. You’re thinking of the Methodists.

  9. As Chris Snowden has said, the Government’s claim of 14 units per week should be a target, not a limit.

    And even so, its probably too low for men, according to all the evidence.

  10. This is excellent news. Maybe I don’t have to take up vaping nicotine after all. Or maybe I should do that, too.

  11. Government medical advice depends entirely on which bunch of motivated loonies have managed to capture the DoH at the time.

  12. Correlation is not causation.
    It is quite possible that those with a heightened risk of dementia are highly correlated with those who don’t like alcohol; also possible that those who are nagged by their wife to stop drinking suffer brain damage thereby; just as it is possible that chemicals in red wine reduce the risk of platelets in the brain by altering the balance of “bad” radicals digested.
    But certainly we should use this against the atheists (sorry that’s not fair on atheists, I should say me-theists who believe that they are gods) who ignore “wine to make glad the heart of man and oil to make his face to shine). Dementia has existed for millennia but it has only become common recently.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    This study was done on civil servants, are we sure that’s representative of the whole population? Having worked with civil servants they are certainly a breed apart mentally.

    It sounds a bit like all those psychology experiments using Harvard students and then extrapolating to the world population.

  14. @ john malpas
    Because there are multiple work-related causes which shorten a man’s life, ranging from getting killed in action or dying of wounds/infection in hospital if he is a soldier or in the RN/RAF/Marines, via fatal accidents and life-shortening injuries in mining and quarrying, drowning for fishermen and Merchant seamen, to slow deaths from asbestosis and silicosis, to stress-related causes in high-stress jobs (that includes guys who ruin their health by drinking too much), to general industrial accidents where most of the fatalities and severe injuries occur in male-dominated jobs like construction, shipbuilding, and engineering, the tendency of publicans to drink themselves to death by accident, and the deleterious impact on middle-aged men of switching from playing and enjoying sport to a humdrum job in an office or machine-minding that burns up far fewer calories so they become unfit and overweight.
    There is also a biological component that is well-observed but not yet fully understood that leads to women, on average. outliving men, on average, by about two years if they have as near-as-possible identical lifestyles.
    If you want a better explanation ask Chris Miller

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