The gravity of a black woman deciding to cut her hair off and go “natural” in a white supremacist society (yes, ours) should not be underestimated.

No one gives a shit honey. The ship of worries about other peoples’ hair styles sailed long, long, ago. Now we’ve even got Swampies in Bob Marley’s dreadlocks. We’re going to be worried about a mere Afro?

24 thoughts on “Seriously?”

  1. If you have to make a huge fuss for anyone to notice your “political statement” then you’ve already failed! Or as the bard far more immortally expressed it, methinks the lady doth protest too much!

  2. What a load of mental shite. Who cares how the silly cow wears her fucking hair?

    What next “Black Chrome-domes strike back”?

  3. The “Guardian Pick” comment:

    I read articles like this and I realise I just breeze through the world as a middle aged white bloke. I’m pleased with myself and my liberal views and think I’m helping to make a world fit for my grandkids.

    Then I realise we’re effectively standing at the bottom of Everest and we’re still putting our chuffing boots on.

    Translation: I thought I was smugly satisfied with my virtuous worldview, but never imagined there were so many new areas to feel guilty and sad about.

  4. One of the reasons why a racially ‘blind’ society is simply not possible – the professional race-baiters simply whip up more and more outrage over more and more trivial matters. They have to keep the whole thing going or they lose their influence, power and money.

  5. Rob

    There are few people more committed to the promotion and encouragement of racism than a ‘professional anti- racist’

  6. “Finally, a film taking black women’s hair stories to the big screen.”

    Chris Rock’s 2009 documentary-film “Good Hair” beat them to it. It’s partly funny, but mostly just tragic: scene after scene of unsatisfied black women trying to justify applying expensive chemical straighteners to their hair, without explicitly stating that they want to look whiter.

  7. “Almost every black hairdresser I visited before finally plucking up the courage to cut my hair off told me I was making the wrong decision, but it was a reminder of how deeply entrenched these views are.”

    “No, I’m not wrong, they all must be!”

  8. @JuliaM

    Straight from the Richard Murphy school of reasoning.

    “I have been telling everyone that I am in a field of horses. Everyone keeps telling me they are cows. I despair that they are all so wrong”

  9. “The gravity of a black woman …. should not be underestimated.”

    This statement is completely true if they’re talking about Dianne Abbott!

  10. ” The gravity of a black woman deciding to cut her hair off and go “natural” in a white supremacist society (yes, ours) should not be underestimated. ”

    What does she mean, “..ours.”?

  11. What’s the betting her fanny’s hairstyle is a real and expensive work of art too also done in defiance of the white supremacist society in which she lives

  12. What does she mean, “..ours.”?

    I assume she means the UK, though no country is mentioned. She is, of course, hysterical and should be sedated for her own safety.

  13. She is, of course, hysterical and should be sedated for her own safety.”

    And preferably sent abroad to recuperate. The Democratic Republic of Congo, for instance. I’m sure her hair would fit right in…….

  14. I was hoping this would happen.

    The Graun “you are not worthy” bear baiting has actually made me laugh.

    Since they’ve managed to stoop ever lower, it’s chuckles unlimited from now on.

  15. ‘Then I realise we’re effectively standing at the bottom of Everest’

    The path to success is known; it was documented in National Geographic Magazine:

    Act Asian.

    Second best: act white.

    Third best: act Hispanic

    Last – by a bunch: act black.

    The commenter in the Guardian Pick comment is wishing failure upon blacks.

  16. Saw something on the weekend where Michael Jordan was being criticised for his statement over the lebron/trump spat where he said Lebron had done great work in his community.
    Instead of assuming he literally meant where lebron grew up or lived they jumped to Jordan was disowning the black community by not saying our community.
    It was also fun seeing them try to avoid calling trump a racist directly but making comments that he attacks atheletes because so many of them are role models to under privileged groups.

  17. Anyway, this neatly illustrates what you get when women dominate the media. Add in the extremist politics and you end up with a combination of national race-baiting and unbelievable trivia.

  18. “White women use hair curlers.”

    I think you’ll find that white women use curlers if they have straight hair, and straighteners if they have curly hair. The ultimate proof that a woman is never satisfied with her lot.

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