So, they are doing the obvious thing then

A judge on Friday refused to block Nebraska from carrying out the state’s first-ever lethal injection despite a pharmaceutical company’s claims that the state illicitly obtained its drugs, clearing the way for the country’s first execution with fentanyl.

Not as if there’s a shortage of it about now, is it?

11 thoughts on “So, they are doing the obvious thing then”

  1. Bring back hanging!*

    *particularly for those vile individuals who festoon fences and bushes with little bags of dog shit!

  2. Two interesting things in that article:
    1. he has been on death row for 38 years
    2. part of the lethal cocktail is potassium chloride, which is interesting in the light of the post about low salt on this blog

  3. One of the things that separates men from the animals is excessive ritual.

    Drag him out, stand him against a wall, and shoot him. Multiple times. Take pictures. Make them available.

    Next time someone complains about how they are going to execute a capital felon, say, “Fine, we’ll just shoot ’em.”

  4. @ Gamecock
    Hang them, in public. Then watch the murder rate drop.
    Over here we had an experiment, a temporary suspension of the death penalty. It proved beyond reasonable doubt that abolishing the death penalty increased the number of innocent people murdered. [The statistical probability that the rise in certain categories of murder was just random chance was less than One in a Trillion and the extra deaths of innocent people in four years was greater than the number of hangings for murder since WWII]. Woy Jenkins insisted that we should make the suspension permanent so we have had hundreds of kids knifed to death (not as bad as New York, but it’s heading that way).

  5. @Diogenes

    Sodium chloride is common salt and is harmless unless taken in silly quantities. Potassium chloride is similarly harmless by mouth (and is used as a salt substitute for people on low-sodium regimes), but intravenously a few grams will stop the heart beating. Hence it’s use in executions.

  6. @Gamecock

    Don’t some US states still have firing squad as a method of execution (at least as an option)?

  7. I don’t know why the authorities can’t recycle seized illegal drugs after they’ve been used as evidence: give the vicious felon a choice of offing themselves by heroin, crack or cocaine od.

  8. @Theo, + another 1

    Every time I see one I think “Why? Why do people do this? What’s the point?”

    Throw the unbagged poo under a bush and train your dog to poo in bushes.

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