The culture that is Switzerland

Wanted: a manager for the restaurant at the end of the universe.

A remote guesthouse in the Swiss Alps that was hailed on the cover of National Geographic magazine as one of the world’s dream destinations is looking for a new landlord because its proprietors are overwhelmed by the tide of hungry tourists.

Owners of Swiss restaurant complain it is too busy.

8 thoughts on “The culture that is Switzerland”

  1. Haven’t read the whole thing. From the first few lines it sounds like they’re old, overwhelmed, and want to retire. What better way to push the sale price up than to leverage their story?

  2. ‘a four-storey wooden pub built into the face of a cliff that can be reached only on foot.’

    After you take the cable car up.

    Not like the Times to exaggerate to embellish a story.

  3. If I recall correctly, the devil was in the details: planning permission pretty much prevented them from changing anything at all in order to cater for the jump in visitor numbers. So it might be that they were pissed off with not being able to do a good job.

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