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The EU tariff on non-EU bacon is about €68 to the kilo. Britain may have to pay an extra 15p on the price of a pack of eight rashers.

Err, how?

No, no, not why would the EU tariff be relevant to a non-EU country and all that. But how does €68 a kg translate into 15 p on a pack of 8 rashers? It being back which is packed by the 8, such being perhaps 250 grammes weight.

I cannot see any likely mistake which gets from €68 euro per kg to 15 p per 250 grammes, either. But, you know, arts graduates and numeracy.

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  1. 15p for 250g is 60p a kilo, say Euro 0.68, so 68 Euros would be the tariff on 100kgs.

    Looking at pig meat websites, 100kg does seem to be the unit they like to use.

  2. How’s about this:
    15p per 250g = 60p per kg
    60p is about 68 eurocents at current exchange rate
    So the EU tariff is about €0.68 per kg

    It’s only a factor of 100. Two orders of magnitude is nothing for the Guardian

  3. And for info, Switzerland charges CHF 23 per kilo for large quantities of meat products if you bring it across the border personally. Can’t find out if there’s a lower rate for big importers

  4. It’s a head scratcher, isn’t it? Surely UK customers will be saving 15p because they won’t have to pay the EU tariff?

  5. RlJ – That’s not how it works. All those Danish pigs? They’ll simply refuse to be slaughtered to nourish British gammon so the UK will be obliged to import inferior and unsanitary ersatz pork from Equatorial Guinea made from emaciated political prisoners.

  6. Well, a quick google gives you (as has been suggested above):

    Importing from outside the EU is subject to a third country duty of 68.70 EUR / 100 kg unless subject to other measures.

  7. Leaving aside the financial illiteracy, this demonstrates the two key fallacies from the Never Leavers. First they insist that the only thing that matters is the trade balance. The unasked for political union, the stealth stealing of sovereignty, the sheer incompetence and cost and perhaps most relevant the fact that all 550m memebers of the EU can come to the UK (mainly the hideously over-crowded English bit) and benefit from the wonderful tax credit regime that means selling the big issue gets you 25k of benefits on top. Not relevant apparently. Second, when it comes to tariffs on imports, we set those. The only way we would have to pay more would be if some utter clown decided to impose unilateral tariffs to punish consumers. Although to be fair, any one at the Treasury might fit that description.

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