The Guardian, markets, business and numbers

A Guardian headline concerning business, numbers and markets is unlikely to get any of the three right, is it?

Cornish public toilet with sea view up for auction for £15,000

It’s for sale by auction – thus the price isn’t £15,000, is it?

And if you were to tell them that the price has just risen as a result of the article they’d not believe you either.

4 thoughts on “The Guardian, markets, business and numbers”

  1. It’s probably not in Cornwall either, nor is it likely to be a toilet; if it is, it’s going to be a private one. Nor will it be anywhere near the sea, or perhaps it has no windows, and it certainly isn’t for sale, whatever it is. If it were, the price wouldn’t be £15,000. And of course it isn’t up for auction.

    Otherwise they’re spot on, as usual.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Last time I looked in to it one of those small huts on Portland Bill was going for £7.5k and they don’t have running water or electricity and there’s no beach. So £15k in a nice place of Cornwall doesn’t seem too bad.

    I like the idea on the Estate Agents website that viewing is by appointment – they’re taking the piss.

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