The number of people protecting David Cameron’s holiday villa in Monchique, the Algarve

1207 firemen (near all volunteers)

375 fire engines.

14 fire aircraft.

Not all of them protecting Mr. Cameron, of course. Well, probably.

19 thoughts on “The number of people protecting David Cameron’s holiday villa in Monchique, the Algarve”

  1. McNasty–should he get in –might well remove all protection for former Tory Grandees.

    Which would be one of the few bright spots in an otherwise bleak future.

  2. Ecks – I’m sort of looking forward to Jezonomics.

    Sure, it’ll be a disaster, but it’ll be an entertaining disaster, like a Hindenburg full of clowns

    The recent full court press to smear the peevish one-time Abbopotamus rider as some sort of bicycling Hitler is a good sign. Like Brexit and Trump, he’s offending the right people.

    Anything that scares the effete metropolitan establishment is to be welcomed.

  3. The anti-Semitic chunk of the People’s Antisemite is only one of many turds rolled up in Jizza’s backpack Steve.

    If May’s sellout comes off let it be Jizza. That way remainiac scum like Facepainter will –far from laughing at their triumph by treasonous proxy- never have anything to laugh about again.

    Neither will anyone else who is not marx-scum but it looks to be socialistic tyranny either way should Brexit fall. The FFC has plenty of tinpot tyranny coming down the pike by which she hopes to supress ever-growing dissent.

    BTW just sent my blast against the “6 years for saying nasty stuff about the RoP=Sharia Blasphemy Law UK” so-called “consultation”. It closes tomorrow. Here is the email to tell them what you think of their shite:

    [email protected]

  4. @JuliaM: are you sure? The only two 747’s converted to carry water were scrapped last year. Could be a DC-10 or a Hercules. The French have lent several Canadair planes although they don’t need look like 747s.

  5. There were pix of a 747 firefighting, but it was in California, not Portugal. It’s the only one still active.

  6. Ecks – the “antisemitism” charge against Jez is bollocks on stilts. Obviously he’s not a secret Jew-hater. It’s interesting that the black legend gets so much media traction though. The Jewish press said he is “a threat to Jewish life” (!)

    I see it as shadow boxing over more fundamental issues: the failure of the post-Cold War establishment and ongoing political realignment, mainly. Like Brexit, Jez represents a potential exctinction-level event to the cosy positions enjoyed by our kakistocracy. So today the NFU claimed we’d all starve due to Brexit, while the press tries to paint toothbrush moustaches on such unlikely figures as Billy Bragg.

    It’s the equivalent of the scene in a horror film where they pump the psycho-killer full of lead but he just keeps coming, so they throw the empty gun at him too.

  7. Agreed to all the above Steve–but Jizz still hangs around with enough of the left’s AS playlist to tag him as a passive transponder if not a hyper-active agent.

    If we can get a BoJo/JRM WTO Rules Brexit that would be a billion times better than Jizz’s punishment regime. But Jizz rather than the FFC prevail.

  8. The Pedant-General

    “Obviously he’s not a secret Jew-hater.”

    Of course he’s not a secret Jew-hater: he’s completely in the open about it.

  9. The Pedant-General

    And as regards the substantive topic of the post:

    “Not all of them protecting Mr. Cameron, of course. Well, probably.”

    Is he likely to burst into flames?

  10. Tim,
    1207 firemen (nearly all volunteers)
    More than 1,000 volunteers protecting DC?
    Well, Portugal is England’s oldest ally but I still find it pleasantly surprising that so many are risking their lives for an ex-PM who isn’t called Winston

  11. The Pendant-General – Puhleazzze… I wouldn’t give Jez one Mel Gibson out of five. And even Mel isn’t much of an antisemite when he’s sober.

    The IRA stuff didn’t stick to Jez, and there was genuine evidence there, so I reckon all this silly semitic stramash will do is illustrate, yet again, the impotence of our former gatekeepers in the press.

    I’m a big fan of Israel and thoroughly enjoyed myself there, but it’s piss-poor rhetoric to accuse Pals of Palestine of plotting the next holocaust or something, because nobody (apart from you, perhaps) believes it.

    If Jews are worried that Muslims (5% of the population) are now much more influential in British politics than they (0.5%) are, maybe they should reconsider their overwhelming support for mass immigration. Wasn’t five minutes ago the Chief Rabbi was lecturing us on our duty to admit unlimited numbers of people like the guy who bombed those little girls in Manchester.

  12. Steve,
    I’m going to have to disagree with you here, even if I thought the same for ages. Jezza, old-fashioned ultra-conservative super-radical that he is, quite possibly sees Jews in general as odious parasite bankers in disagreeable uniforms. Be that is it may, he certainly fell for the sexy terrorism offered by the PLO and others. America’s enemy is his friend.

    And while I’d love to see Hindenburg 2.0 with clowns, Corbyn’s government will not be all jokes. Jez may be a bit of a dithery old duffer these days, but McDonnel, Milne and the Momentum crazies are full-on Nasty. Watching them tear each others limbs off for the right to flay Blairites won’t be all that much fun.

  13. Jack – Corbyn’s government will not be all jokes

    Sure, but what are we gonna do? Might as well whistle past the graveyard.

    The genius of Mrs May lies in making the loony left electable for the first time in 40 years. She’s the anti-Thatcher:

    YouGov/Times (20th Jul) – CON 38%, LAB 39%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 6%
    ICM/Guardian (22nd Jul) – CON 40%, LAB 41%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 5%
    YouGov/Times (23rd Jul) – CON 38%, LAB 38%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 6%
    Ipsos MORI/Standard (24th Jul) – CON 38%, LAB 38%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 6%

    Polls can be badly wrong, of course, but if anything I reckon these numbers flatter the Tories. There was very little enthusiasm for Mrs May’s administration going into the last election, and that was before her NeverBrexit plan, while Corbyn has been transformed from joke figure to genuine contender.

    And NB because the Conservatives squandered every opportunity they had in 8 years of power to rebalance the boundaries, being on level pegging with Labour means Labour wins.

    So, might as well enjoy the ride.

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