Times subs, report for your beating!

Seriously guys

Italians refer to large building programmes as a “magna magna”, literally meaning “eat, eat”, suggesting someone is getting fat on kickbacks.

The Italian verb is “mangiare”……..and the various changes in spelling to indicate tense, case, who is doing what etc don’t affect that near the front of the word….

6 thoughts on “Times subs, report for your beating!”

  1. “È tutto un magna-magna” is a typical phrase of resignation and anger that the average man, in a fit of indignation, uses to make all politics into single mixture worthy of contempt. It is spoken using dialect and not pure Italian, and usually is accompanied by hand gestures.

  2. They are referring to large building programs ‘great.’

    Or Kington is magna cum stupid.

    Where are the editors ???

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