Well, I guess Amanduh can be this dumb, yes

But if people want to talk about the link between demographic identity markers and violent crime — especially murders like this one — than they shouldn’t focus on ethnic identity or immigration status. There is one trait that Rivera has in common with the vast majority of people who commit crimes like this, and it’s not his skin color or the nation where he was born. It’s his gender.

The same conservatives who want to paint all Latino immigrants as dangerous because of this crime will no doubt cry that I’m a “man-hater” for pointing this out, but facts are facts. Maleness is far more strongly correlated with murder (and other violent crimes) than immigration status. Moreover, there are actual, well-researched reasons why this is so — and solutions that could change it. So instead of exploiting this situation to shore up a narrative about immigrants, people should be talking about how to change our social conceptions of gender so that men don’t resort to violence.

If gender, and conceptions of it, are merely a social construct then this might work. But if there’s something innate about gender – Ooooh, chromosomes, hormones even – then it might well not, eh?

It’s one of those blank spots in the standard lefty thought box isn’t it? Who we sexually desire is hard wired but a bit of social construction will alter all other differences in sex behaviour.

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  1. Hasn’t Sweden changed its “social conceptions of gender so that men don’t resort to violence”? How’s that working out for them?

  2. Well OBVIOUSLY, since some American men murder women, they shouldn’t stop criminal illegal immigrants from flooding across the border and murdering women. It’s just common sense, duh

  3. https://news.uga.edu/total-us-population-with-felony-convictions/

    “As of 2010, 3 percent of the total U.S. population and 15 percent of the African-American male population have served time in prison. People with felony convictions more broadly account for 8 percent of the overall population and 33 percent of the African-American male population”

    I’m fairly certain that if we do it based on correlations, ethnicity would trump gender. Many more African Americans are felons. This ignores stuff like poverty and its link to crime.

  4. Ken, It is widely held that poverty is one of the roots of crime, but crime also causes poverty. I well remember having a car broken into to steal a radio that didn’t work. The window cost £700 to replace, and the dashboard had £1000 of damage. That was nearly 30 years ago, when money had much more value. At least I was in a position to bear the cost. What about someone genuinely poor whose leccy meter is broken open to steal the coins?

    As far as male violent crime is concerned, we have two sexes, one of which is statistically larger and stronger than the other. The smaller, weaker, sex often taunts or even assaults the other, secure in the knowledge that there is generally a cultural inhibition that prevents a violent response. The ‘generally’ is less strong in some cultures. What’s the surprise in the observed figures? What does surprise me is that on balance, the level of violence isn’t much higher.

  5. All murders committed by people who shouldn’t be here would be stopped if we kept them out.

    Amanda’s gender play is simply an attempt to exploit the murder of one of her fellow gender. It is evil.

    Salon should be embarrassed. They will try to get a Pulitzer for it.

  6. From Mollie’s Twitter account:


    She was not so much a victim of an illegal immigrant as the bastards who rotted her mind … like her teachers or the subversive creeps behind Salon.com. And maybe if she hadn’t been afraid of being denounced as a Becky she would have actually called the cops, and much sooner, and still be alive today.

    I wonder if in her final moments she was praying for a big strong white man, with a Glock, to happen along.

  7. @thomas fuller – didn’t fit the profile of the saviour she was hoping for – wrong sex/wrong colour. If a white guy had shot her attacker she’d be screaming racism………

  8. For feminists, men and women are either completely interchangeable or immutably different, according to the complaint feminists are making. When it’s alleged under-representation in high status roles, men and women are interchangeable. When it’s alleged period poverty, the trials of the menopause, or pre-surgery trannies in the loos for ladies, men and women are immutably different. The inconsistency and hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  9. “Amanduh needs to be handed over to some nice friendly imports .
    That would solve all her problems.”

    No, she’d develop Stockholm Syndrome after the first gang-rape.

  10. America has lots of Chinese, Japanese and Korean immigrants and their descendants.

    Where are they on the league tables of crime?

  11. “Murders tend to be committed by men, so we should ban men from immigrating into the country?”

    Murders tend to be committed by men, so we should ban men from the country.

    You plan to deport the immigrants who are already here, don’t you? So you’re obviously going to deport all the men who are already here too. Same logic.

    It’s a ‘reductio ad absurdam’ argument. When somebody uses fallacious logic in an argument, one technique for responding to it is to use exactly the same formal argument structure, but substitute different characters in the slots, so that you come to an obviously absurd and unacceptable conclusion. It makes the fallaciousness of the logic easier to understand.

    Unfortunately, it only works on people capable of abstract reasoning. In Piaget’s theory of the childhood development of intelligence, this is part of the final “formal operational” stage, and apparently a lot of people stop short of developing it. (a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piaget%27s_theory_of_cognitive_development#Formal_operational_stage”>”However, research has shown that not all persons in all cultures reach formal operations, and most people do not use formal operations in all aspects of their lives.”)

  12. Classic manoeuvre – when someone from a favoured group commits a crime, refer to them in the least general group which obscures their favoured identity but still promotes one you hate.

    E.g. Latino men become men, black women become Americans or westerners, etc.

  13. “E.g. Latino men become men, black women become Americans or westerners, etc.”

    Yes. “Men” become “immigrants”.

  14. “Rob

    Classic manoeuvre – when someone from a favoured group commits a crime, refer to them in the least general group which obscures their favoured identity but still promotes one you hate.”

    That manoeuvre sits alongside the leftie grouping of victims, as in “80% of women have been raped or winked at”

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