Well done to Owen Jones

Corbyn denies commemorating Khalaf. But is the idea of doing so any different to Straw laying a wreath on the grave of Arafat, for whom Khalaf and Bseiso served as junior officials? Are the PLO and Fatah now once again to be understood as simply terrorist organisations?

Sometimes there is a need for plain speaking, and this is one such moment.

To demand plain speaking immediately after casuistry is great rhetoric.

Not much else good about it, but it’s a great rhetorical trick.

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  1. “Are the PLO and Fatah now once again to be understood as simply terrorist organisations?”
    Plain enough for him?

  2. But is the idea of doing so any different to Straw laying a wreath on the grave of Arafat, for whom Khalaf and Bseiso served as junior officials?

    Yes, the Demon Headmaster was a cunt too.

  3. I read his piece last night, I thought it entirely missed the point, for the following reasons:

    1) Straw was foreign secretary, its his duty to attend funerals of major world leaders whether anyone likes them or not. He also didnt ‘freely’ decide to go as its part of the job

    2) Blair going to Sharon’s funeral is a case of a universally hated man who WAS PM, Corbyn isnt universally hate and is attempting to BECOME PM. Therefore the judgement of Blair is irrelevant while the judgement of a prospective PM in Corbyn is of interest

    3) He spent some time talking about Netanyahu, as if anyone in the country is interested in him. We do not care about foreign politicians but are very interested in the actions and judgments of our own politicians, why OJ thought this was relevant to the defence is anyone’s guess.

    Furthermore, the questions of concern are about Corbyn’s judgment, or lack of it, of course he probably never imagined he would be leader of the Labour Party and within a good shot of number 10.

    However his choice of collaboration with some unsavourey and frankly unfriendly (arguably some of these groups are our enemies clear as day and have as much in common with the values of internationalist equality permissive socialism as UKIP) people and organisations, mark him out as someone with either poor or suspicious judgment. These people arent our friends and they share none of the same interests as me, the people of this country or the nation state, do we want a PM who seems to be more interested in third world conflicts carried out by people who arent even liberal democrats than his own nations interests?

  4. How can anyone vote for these cunts?

    We’ve gone from “not at their graves” to “only held the wreath” and now Owen Jones is admitting he laid a wreath, but so did another politician. What’s the story going to be when people point out that was in a diplomatic capacity to a national leader?

    Can anyone imagine being a member of the Labour party today?The BNP wouldn’t lay wreaths on the graves of terrorists. That’s how low they are.

    It’s hilarious watching Squealer trying to get into Corbyn’s good books by selling out any integrity he ever had.

  5. How can anyone vote for these cunts?

    I watched some people queuing to hear the bastard speak in Stoke being interviewed on Sky this morning. One woman observed that the Queen lays wreaths. When the interviewer pointed out that the Queen hasn’t lain a wreath at the grave of terrorists, others chimed in: “neither has Jeremy”. Another woman then declared that he’d won the Nobel Peace Prize last year.

    The Corbylievers are utterly deluded and ignorant, they wouldn’t care if he was a serial killer as long as he only killed non-Marxists.

  6. ZanU’s membership was 552 thou at 1/1/18.

    A number may still be £3 Tories –not clear how many. Say 500,000 actual ZaNu pukes.

    Following Doug casey’s Rule–80% of vpeople are all right. If you lose your wallet they will return it to you or hand it in still with everything in it.

    20% of folk are dodgy. Not saying out and out crims but getting your wallet back much more iffy. And if you did they’d be hanging around for a reward etc.

    20% of that 20%–4% of total are out-and-out crims. Thieves, fraudsters, con artists, the violent etc.

    20% of that 20%–0.8 are real scum. Killers, rapists, torturers , terrorists–evil shite.

    70 million in UK–inc likely illegals. Therefore 0.8 % of 70 million =560,000.

    Which suggests that ZanU’s ranks now contain a large percentage of the UK ‘s rottenest shite–scum that decent (if economically misguided) Labour voters have kept down for a century have now found their level in Corbin’s ZaNu.

    Of which juvo-shite liebaby Jones is a prime example.

  7. I’m not sure I understand Owen’s point. Fatah and the PLO – even Hamas – are multifaceted operations with a political wing, security wing and, frankly, terrorist wing. The people on the political side were engrubbened by their association with the terrorist side (especially since it was essentially under their control) but were at least tolerated for the purposes of peace talks etc. The people who commanded the terrorist side could expect adulation at home or among the less discriminating supporters overseas, but would still expect to face censure across the West.

    Black September was not a political movement but a pure terrorist organisation. One wouldn’t expect its members or leaders to be treated the same way, therefore, as the leaders on the political side of more multifaceted organisations. I can’t follow Owen’s logic here – why does recognising that Black September were terrorists differ in any way from recognising some of Fatah’s “brigades” as a bunch of terrorists? Why does recognising that Fatah also provided political leadership (however distasteful we find it) require us to deem that Black September provided political leadership, when clearly it didn’t?

  8. MyBurningEars,

    Fact is, they’re all in the same graveyard together, and I doubt someone’s kindly uncle Abdul that ran a shop is in with these people.

    But none of these people care. Owen Jones might have once had some integrity but he’s Squealer now. The Kindly Racist Grandad can do no wrong. There’s no point arguing facts with them. He’s a living saint to them. They think he can bring communism and nothing else matters

  9. I maneuvered one Corbinite into an interesting equivalence on FB. By the yardstick of Corbins actions he ought to be lauding the late Lady Thatcher for at least attempting to engage with the then National Party in South Africa during the latter days of Apartheid. Of course that was different…..

    Agree with Ecks – the sooner Jones can be airlifted in Deir Ezzor to show solidarity with ISIS over ‘Islamophobia’ the better – a total waste of oxygen

  10. In all this moral hyperventilation nobody seems to remember these chaps.

    They’re all as bad as each other, Jones is a tool and Corbyn a dozy old git. In other news, the sun rose this morning and will probably go down this evening.

  11. Surreptitious Evil


    I think I raised the point on a previous discussion of Jeremy PBUH’s anti-semitism that the only Jews he would be likely to support were members of Irgun or the Stern gang.

  12. Not only an evil old bastard but now a bang-to-rights lying evil old bastard.

    As for his followers – the ten percent who aren’t technically brain-dead and have some functioning part of their brain still working are as vile as he is.

    You simply cannot be aware of the gigantic list of shit he has done and believes in – still believes in – and not be complicit in it all when you support him.

  13. The reason there are so many who will vote labour at any election is the NHS.

    It is well known that the evil Tories want to burn all the hospitals to the ground, (except for the ones the toffs use), and charge people a million quid to treat an ingrowing toenail, so they will vote Labour regardless even if old Adolf himself was leader.

    The fact that when you talk to these people about their experience with the NHS they are usually pretty negative doesn’t shake their belief in the system one iota. In fact, it merely confirms that I’m an evil tory who wants to burn… etc. etc.

  14. @ Mr Evil

    I missed that. But yes, he’d probably think they were quite right to murder British citizens, especially upper-crust service types. To Corbyn, every terrorist who hates us is a freedom fighter.

    A lot of this nonsense goes back to colonial times, of course. How much better it would be if we’d had no empire and left all the other buggers to get on with it in their own way.

  15. There is a bigger problem.

    Corbyn is a deluded anti Semitic doddering twat.

    Remove him and its John McDonnell.

    A complete and utter evil fucking cunt.

    Dangerous times.

  16. @Thomas: I read someone once who said that the Zionist terrorists in Palestine were the last terrorists who had the balls to call themselves terrorists.

  17. Flubber

    There is that – Indeed Bruce Dickinson had him right in 1988

    ‘the Evil that men do lives on and on’

    In the case of both Corbin and to an even greater degree Johnny Mac that is quite literally true. A monster

  18. Rob Harries said:
    “his choice of collaboration … mark him out as someone with either poor or suspicious judgment”

    Poor judgement would be that he knows what these people did was wrong, but that he thinks the possible political benefits of befriending them outweigh that (e.g. encouraging them towards peaceful reform).

    My guess (and it is only a guess, before NiV starts accusing me of claiming moral X-ray specs) is that this isn’t just poor judgement, but that Corbyn actually supports what these people do.

  19. DocBud said:
    “The Corbylievers are utterly deluded and ignorant, they wouldn’t care if he was a serial killer as long as he only killed non-Marxists.”

    Many of them do seem to care – and think there should be more of it.

  20. I get most of my news from here. I dip my toes in the waters of the Telegraph and the Graun just, as it were, to see what prickling the gatekeepers’ interest – but rarely do I read it.

    Sometimes I hear Jeremy Corbyn speak, if I am driving and he’s on the news.

    What’s interesting to me is that when you hear him speak, now, as an old man, he doesn’t sound so bad. I mean aesthetically, not rationally or morally or in relation to anything sensible.

    Now, I am more or less old enough to have a good underlying sense of Corbyn’s iniquities, of his historic blunders, failures of judgment … of his general awfulness.

    OTOH, I think Teresa May is awful. Ok, ok. She is probably not quite as awful, except inasmuch as she also is a traitor. But pick ‘n’ mix. Corbyn at Walthamstow dogs, May for cucumber sandwiches in the park.

    If I have a point, speaking as someone who would see almost all of them strung-up, it’s that almost none of what read matters. Call Corbyn a ‘monster’, fine. But why not call May one? All of this is desperation. Steve has it right: lots of people, who are idiots, and evil, want Corbyn.

    Ad homs on Corbyn don’t work.

  21. Hell bells, Pcar, Alex Massive advanced as an authority is a dark, or at least a surprising, day. OTOH, I more or less venerate his father.

    But look, I wasn’t suggesting Corbyn is a sweet old man. I was suggesting that if you know no more of the man, and have little interest in history or political ideas, then he sounds like a decent enough sort of bloke. Just as you might hear Teresa May, think ‘”vicar’ s daughter, she’ll be all right”. Of course it’s rubbish on stilts. But I think it’s plausible rubbish.

    We ought to know by now. Some pols are Teflon. The more you try to burn them, the less sticks. Corbyn’s enemy is not his past, or his character, or his vague stupidity. Corbyn’s enemy is clarifying, better and rousing political words and deeds.

  22. Owen Jones: “To take a side in the Israel-Palestinian conflict is to inescapably associate with those who have committed acts of violence. The conflict is an unequal one, between occupied people and an occupier; between refugees and a military regional superpower armed and backed by the west.”

    That’s you pretty muck taken sides then Owen.

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