Well, this is good then

So, all we’ve got to do then is examine any claims to power using socialism and egalitarianism for actual realites of corruption, resource curse, kleptocracy, petro-narco dictatorship.

Gonna make running Scotland on he whiskey and oil revenues difficult, no?

15 thoughts on “Well, this is good then”

  1. The left are the scum of the Earth. The Tweet is only one in a colossal series of evidences of that fact.

    There can be no compromise with evil.

  2. If the people aren’t prepared for socialism, and reject it, is it socialism?

    It is the job of today’s CM scum to prep the West for socialism.

  3. They’ll run Scotland on the proceeds of Wee Eck’s case against the Scottish Government. He’ll donate it to the cause of true independence, surely?

  4. If Scotland wants to export Whiskey they’d have to import it from Ireland first. Much better to export Whisky.

  5. That’s like playing golf with the tosser who takes a mighty swipe at the ball and all he hits is fresh air then he says, “That was just a practice shot, it doesn’t count.” Anyway, the sublime Jezza Himself said that Venezuela is a socialist country so perhaps His minions should take not.

  6. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Of course the Venezuelan system is not socialist. They are not stacking the enemies of the people three deep in mass graves.


  7. This is why we need a State media.

    Venezuela is not a socialist state.

    And I’d we’d had a State media it will never have been a Socialist State and Jez would never have said so.

  8. Perhaps Mr. Jones could provide evidence of people recognising that Chavez and Maduro were not implementing socialism before Venezuela visibly and undeniably fell apart. Ideally he should provide evidence of socialists disavowing Chavez when stopping the regime would have been easy, before his first election.
    Absent such evidence I must conclude that Mr. Jones and the self styled left can’t tell true socialism from fake socialism without a long and painful experiment, i.e. not until the false socialists have done much damage and made themselves unremoveable.

  9. Venezuela is now routinely disowned before the cock crows, the bernieophiles are now much more into denmarkian tax and spend. Might be an opening now for Tim’s scandie book and tour, to enlighten USians and on the other side of the equation where they leave business to get on with generating wealth.

  10. Clearly, socialism always works perfectly until the socialists take power, at which point they become corrupt. Therefore, the best thing to do is to keep socialists out of any and all positions of power, so as to prevent them from being corrupted.

  11. Amazingly, 1984 is the year of his birth. Even though he doesn’t look as though he’s shaving yet.

  12. Reposted because it chimes with @Ltw: this is quite fun:


    Sorry, Venezuela haters: this economy is not the Greece of Latin America – Mark Weisbrot

    Will those who cried wolf for so long finally see their dreams come true? Not likely.

    But how can a government with more than $90bn in oil revenue end up with a balance-of-payments crisis? Well, the answer is: it can’t, and won’t. In 2012 Venezuela had $93.6bn in oil revenues, and total imports in the economy were $59.3bn……… This government is not going to run out of dollars.

    Hyperinflation is also a very remote possibility.

    The comments are particularly fun because one can toast oneself whilst reading it on the radiant and energetic smugness levels, but what I like the most is that they posted a correction! It goes:

    The subheading on this article was amended on 15 November 2013. The original one, not supplied by the author, ended with the words “in this oil-rich country the only thing imploding is poverty”. This has now been removed

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