Well, yes, obviously

Areeba Hamid, of Greenpeace’s clean air campaign, said: “Limiting the use of wood-burning stoves will help reduce harmful particulate pollution but it is only one part of solving the air pollution crisis.

“Transport, in particular diesel vehicles, is responsible for the majority of air pollution on our streets and unless they are tackled as a priority, we cannot expect dramatic improvements in the UK’s air quality.”

She called for the introduction of clean air zones across the country and the phasing out of the internal combustion engine by 2030.

Instead of minor changes to wood stoves, a minority occupation, we should ban the major form of transport in the country. Much less disruptive, obviously.

21 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously”

  1. Twelve years to get rid of all cars, buses, vans, ambulances…?

    Presumably aeroplanes are not included so Greenpeace staff can commute to their offices.

  2. It’s facts, facts, facts. Always the same with you guys. I want unicorns, and you peons shall provide them for me. Your ‘facts’ are just a distraction from the project!

  3. Time for a long list of banned organisations to emerge:

    Common Purpose

    Muslim Council of GB


    Greenpeace + FOE double event

    Any other contenders ?

  4. Mr Ecks

    WWF (the animal one not the wrestling one).

    Oxfam and all the other 3rd world exploitation charidees.

  5. Ahh, but wood-burning stoves are enjoyed by posh upper-middle class people; whereas dirty diesel Transit vans are used by England flag-waving gammon-faced Brexit-voting oiks.

  6. Andrew M said:
    “Ahh, but wood-burning stoves are enjoyed by posh upper-middle class people”

    Yes, I’m hoping this issue will separate the trendy lifestyle fake “back to earthers” from the mad Green lobby.

  7. ‘solving the air pollution crisis’

    60s rhetoric. Action was taken. Trillions spent. Problem solved.

    Greenpeas acts like it never happened; it’s still 1968.

    What this shows is that it was never really about air pollution.

  8. Sad that the UK government egged on by the EU exhorted us all to purchase diesel cars and lorries in the past

    That was a response to the entirety illusory climate catastrophe boondoggle where plant food is to blame for absolutely everything

    Now apparently we’re all going to die of asthma

    Does Greenpeace have shares in electric car manufacturers?

  9. Mr Ecks

    Any ‘charity’ that relies on the taxpayer for more than 5% of its funding. (Which will be most of them.)

  10. It is remarkable, to me at any rate, how many charities who profess to care about the homeless and housing affordability have their headquarters in the most expensive large real estate area in the EU.
    From the CPRE to Shelter, they feel compelled to house their offices not in Middlesbrough but in London

  11. Amazingly when the contract for runnning vehicle emissions testing came up for a renewal a few years ago the provincial govt scrapped it as pollution levels had dropped and cars with lower emissions were the majority of vehicles since the scheme had been introduced so it was no longer needed.
    Sensible govt action, quite astounding

  12. @ Chris Miller
    The streets truly will be 6 feet deep in horse-shit as the population has more than doubled and most women now travel to work so the demand for horse-drawn transport has more than trebled.
    @ Mr Womby
    Of course not, slaves on a treadmill shall generate all the power than Greenpeace demands
    @ Andrew M
    Not *all* wood-burning stoves: I have one and I have spent most of my life actively avoiding being posh. OTOH, unlike Guardianistas we have not bought a single stick – it is all wood that would otherwise have gone to landfill (quite a bit of it actively supplied by neighbours).
    @ Bongo
    I suport one that has its headquarters in Glasgow: if not as bad as ‘Boro, pretty close.
    My mother and my sisters were/are very concerned about those in need but were shocked that “Help The Aged”, (fronted by the first Labour Speaker of the HoC) had its Headquarters in New Bond Street. Christian Aid used to have its HQ in a scruffy area of Brixton before prices went up but New Bond Street?!?

  13. A German study on the kind of air pollution that is most dangerous to humans breathing is caused by cars stiring up the dust from the street into the air. Most of the bad stuff in that dust comes from the wear & tear on auto parts, like tires & mechanical wear with tiny bits of metals, etc. Engine exhaust was found to be a minor problem vs the others.

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