Well, yes, rather normal don’t you think?

Anna Maxwell Martin: ‘I’ve been bullied by other women in the industry – in fact more so than I have by men’

Quite why anyone thinks that it’s men who are bitches to women I’m not sure. Men do, after all, tend to hope to cooperate with women, while women are competing with each other.

3 thoughts on “Well, yes, rather normal don’t you think?”

  1. Projection.

    ‘She’s one of those actors who’s so naturally gifted she can just switch it on and off’

    Not clear that Horgan and Heawood understand acting.

  2. @Gamecock. I have met plenty of actors who can’t switch it on and off. They require twenty minutes of warm up, preening and molly-coddling before they can turn it on. Mostly Shakespearean, been to drama school, not broken into professional theatre, probably never will.

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