What excellent news

Some universities may be pushed to the brink of insolvency after the most cut-throat A-level student recruitment round vice-chancellors can remember, experts are warning.

This is one of the things markets do for us. Push shite suppliers out of he market through bankruptcy.

5 thoughts on “What excellent news”

  1. If Unis are desperate for students, does this mean that this year is the year I finally get accepted? Sqweeee!!!

  2. In unrelated news, the number of open offers (no qualifications required) have increased dramatically over the past four years.

    I’m looking forward to the prosecutions for massive and sustained mid-selling.

  3. “vice-chancellors can remember”: one of the Cambridge colleges hired an ex-VC to be its master a few years ago. They had to sack him in the end. His years as a VC in a provincial university had so distorted (or revealed) his character that his default response to anything that upset him – and he was easily upset – was to try to fire someone.

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