Who will call these cultural appropriators out?

The hoop earring trend is bigger than ever – but what style should you wear?

There are those – no, seriously, I am not making this up – who say that hoop earrings are cultural appropriation from Latinos.

Who will call out The Guardian on this disguting practice?

10 thoughts on “Who will call these cultural appropriators out?”

  1. Cultural misappropriation is when Afro-Caribbean folk wear clothes, use technology, live in houses, don’t make their children walk miles to get foetid, contaminated, water (which you can stop by sending £3 a month to …). It’s not when a well-fed mother takes her Belsen-stick-like child to a medical centre (coincidentally also resolvable by the magical £3 a month donation) – in my culture the mother would starve first.

  2. @MB

    Get with the Zeitgeist — it’s Latinx now.

    As for cultural appropriation, let us start charging all these foreigners a royalty whenever they use the English language. That goes for Yanks and porridge-garglers too, not to mention the Irish and Welsh, so I won’t.

    PS I now owe Germans 2¢ for “Zeitgeist”.

  3. ‘Cultural appropriation’ means,

    “You white people, go away and die.”

    It’s not about earrings or sombreros. It’s about, “You white people, quit existing”*

    *But keep paying your taxes to pay for all our socialist dreams.

  4. As I am reliably informed by one of the few female teenagers that I am acquainted with on Facebook, “The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho”!


  5. There’s a reasonable chance that if you scrolled back through Nat Geo you could find some tribesperson wearing hoop earings.

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