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Is Turkey heading for an economic crisis?

11 thoughts on “Yes”

  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I see that Maduro has taken a leaf out of Erdogan’s book and concocted a false-flag attack in order to round up the opposition.

    This is going to be quite a laugh ( not sure that’s what I mean ) with Turkey and Iran both on the verge of economic collapse and possibly revolution.

  2. Don’t say that Pcar, you’ll offend all the Pinochet fans round here!

    Yeah, I know he was better than Allende. That’s like saying Kruschev was better than Stalin.

  3. @ Pcar
    How many dictators have been slim when they left office and how many wished to admit their girth?
    Gaius J Caesar was, allegedly, an exception but that might be because he was assassinated before he planned to retire.

  4. @ Chester Draws
    Kruschev *was* better than Stalin – orders of magnitude better. Kruschev told people to farm Siberia instead of starving the Ukraine. We’re talking tens of millions of lives. That’s before we mention Stalingrad where Stalin wasted more than a million lives to prevent the Germans claiming a victory in a town that he renamed for himself by sending victims in there to be killed until the Germans ran out of bullets.
    While Pinochet rescued Chile from the Communists who were using Allende as a figurehead the difference between Stalin and Krushchev is more than the total,population of Chile.
    I am not saying Kruschev was as nice as Kennedy (or that either, or any other leader of the USA or USSR, was morally equal to SuperMac or Disraeli or Peel, – or Sir Alec, for that matter), just that you need a sense of proportion.

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