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A fun scam

So, there’s some number of unions around that don’t have many members. NUM is perhaps 100 active members at present.

So, who gets to be General Secretary, President, and how? And there’re many more than just that one.

Would it be possible to become General Secretary, or President, of a number of them and thus gain a number of nice fat cat salaries?

I would guess not as no one’s quite stupid enough to leave such remunerative posts vacant. But how would one ind out and then scheme anyway?

Note that, even with no current members, there could well still be agreements with pensions funds and the like to make the posts remunerative.

10 thoughts on “A fun scam”

  1. There are plenty of groups like that – social clubs, sports clubs, etc. – just waiting to be asset-stripped because nobody takes enough interest in them. Even if there’s not much money in the kitty for a director’s salary, there are often assets that a canny director could flog to a connected party at a knock-down rate. My local boat club has a very nice plot of prime waterfront land, the current director is moving away, and nobody has shown much interest in taking up the role (which to be fair is a thankless task).

  2. Reminds me of the scene from Only Fools and Horses where Rodney is appointed chair and he’s the only one in the audience.

  3. The union lent him money at a knock-down rate, so he could buy union property (presumably also at a knock-down rate), then wrote the debt off, then generously paid him more redundancy than needed?

    Who knew socialists were so truly selfless?

  4. I sometimes get the inkling to run for county Soil Conservation Commissioner. No one knows anything about it. Since my last name starts with a “B”, I’ll be first on the ballot, and surely win.

    Then, I’ll organize the other county’s commissioners, and we’ll take over the state government.

    Washington should be afraid. Very afraid.

  5. Gamecock,

    It’s why the state tolerates such graft. It keeps people who would otherwise represent a coup hazard comfortably-off enough to not bother.

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