So increasingly, I wonder: What is the socialism of the Amazon age? How will it be expressed? And can it be shaped into something that might credibly take power? Put another way, while proudly hanging on to immovable ideas of equality and solidarity, are Labour and the left finally ready to leave the 20th century?

I’m a socialist me. Dunno what it means nor what I’m going to do but socialism, it’s the right thing, innit?

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  1. So increasingly, I wonder: What is the socialism of the Amazon age?

    I’d suggest the answer can be found in Venezuela.

  2. Well, one manifestation appears.

    John Maccy-D at conference today said:

    “ One way is to mobilise shareholder power to demand companies uphold basic tax justice standards.
    Numerous institutions from churches to trade unions and pension funds have large scale shareholdings in many of the companies that avoid taxes.
    So today I’m announcing my intention to bring together these organisations to launch a shareholder campaign.

    We’ll be demanding companies sign up to the Fair Tax Mark standards, demonstrating transparently that they pay their fair share of taxes.”

    Which prompted an impartial observer to comment:

    “As many will know, I thought up the Fair Tax Mark, and am still a non-exec director of it.”

  3. @ BnLiA
    Oh yes they have: they have read 1984 and used it as a training manual instead of the warning that Orwell intended it to be.

  4. BNIC

    I think the “Fair Tax Mark” must be protected IP.

    But it would be really lovely if J Maccy-D’s personal animosity towards Richard Murphy drove JM to devise his own Fair Tax Mark Mark II.

    You can imagine the howls of protest emanating from Ely:

    “This is a poor substitute for FTM, which is the game changer that I invented – me, myself, I. No-one else helped me. I am a serial inventor of tax avoidance products. Just to clarify – tax anti-avoidance products, such as country by country reporting. Editors may contact me for comment and articles at T*x Research LLP”

  5. Maccy D is also saying companies should give a chunk of their shares to their workers. That already happens, it’s called a company pension. But some of the worst company pension scandles have been where the company pension is based on investing in the company itself, so when the company goes bust so does the pension. Natuarally, I don’t need to ask: Is this idiot an idiot?

  6. Would be fun to needle mcDonnel on picking Ritchie’s scheme, is it independently audited, why is he picking that particular scheme, etc. What credibility does it have, resources to scale up to such a level

  7. “Invest in Britain” – and if you do well we’ll steal 10% of your profits for ourselves and then expropriate your business, maybe with compensation (or not, if you upset us). What could possibly go wrong?

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