Articles we’d like to see

Could The Guardian please commission Richard Gott for a piece over the claims that Michael Foot was a paid Soviet informant? It’s possible that he might have more insight than most.

4 thoughts on “Articles we’d like to see”

  1. I thought Foot admitted it in his memoir?

    To be fair I think he was only asked to write an opinion piece, when he was a journalist, of British politics for the Soviet embassy.

    At least he wasn’t a party member like Denis Healey.

  2. There was also the allegation by a former KGB man that Foot took money while he was editor of Tribune. Foot craftily sued the Times for carrying the story, not the ex-spy. There’s a Dominic Lawson piece somewhere that makes it clear that Lawson thought Foot guilty of the charge.

    If Moscow gold was good enough for Jack Jones and other union men, why not for Foot?

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