Brexit’s really about not being in the EU of tomorrow

Jean-Claude Juncker has demanded that European Union governments sacrifice their vetoes on EU foreign policy decisions in a flagship speech that called for more national powers to be centralised in Brussels.

The president of the European Commission called on Wednesday “for a stronger, more united Europe” that could flex its muscles as a “global player”.

He said that could only be achieved by EU countries pooling their sovereignty to boost the bloc’s economic, political and military power. But he denied he was trying to turn the EU into “a superpower”.

Vile as the current set up is – and thus we’re leaving – ponder on how appalling it’s likely to get. If it manages to survive of course.

11 thoughts on “Brexit’s really about not being in the EU of tomorrow”

  1. I seem to recall that because we did that many years ago young persons today refer to us as colonialists and not in a pleasant, cheery way.

    But, of course, doing this now is THE FUTURE and it is GOOD.

  2. Naturally, all the BAMEs, looking at the pasty faced goons that are the 2018 EU commissioners, love and cherish the EU.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    He’s only doing what it says in his job description: Ever Closer Union is still a fundamental part of the EU’s existance.

  4. Even in its own right it’s doubtful. Will Europe actually be economically more powerful if every part has to do things the same way?

    I would say the opposite. Countries perusing whatever works for them is actually more effective. The drag down effect of the Euro on southern Europe is worse than having multiple currencies (in an age where currency trading requires no physical Money).

  5. And to think, in the referendum campaign campaigners were actually using the argument that countries would be subsumed into the borg superstate as an argument to *remain*!

  6. ” called on Wednesday “for a stronger, more united Europe” that could flex its muscles as a “global player”.”

    Juncker as ‘The Great Dictator’? Chaplin made a documentary about it.

  7. The FFC still has us in the EU military set up when we should be preparing to fight such bastards –if they ever managed to create a real force.

    May needs a treason trial and then a cell in HMP Onley opposite the mosque.

  8. When people pool resources they normally retain some link to ownership or a share in the ownership of the aggregate.

    “Pooling sovereignty” means surrendering it to be exercised by another.

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