British agriculture is still largely indigenous

More than half of students admitted to 23 universities are from ethnic minorities.

The startling statistic is revealed as The Sunday Times today becomes the first newspaper to compile a university league table for social inclusion as part of its Good University Guide.

Nearly three-quarters of the student intake at Aston and Bradford universities are from ethnic minorities — while at Harper Adams, a largely agriculture-based university in Shropshire, the figure is 0.8%.

British agriculture has probably been largely indigenous since the passing of the Beaker People in fact….things can be slow to change out there. Even the Normans only changed who owned, not who farmed.

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  1. Things aren’t the same everywhere. Progressives find this to be a massive problem. when it suits them. Are we not concerned that there are so many ethnic minorities at Bradford? When it’s two-thirds, is it still a minority?

  2. Grr, Rhoda beat me to it.

    Only in the PC 21st century media could 75% constitute a downtrodden, oppressed by the white racists, minority.

    In a country where the most common baby’s name is Mohamed (in its variety of spellings) you may have to re-think who are the oppressed minority.

  3. They don’t seem to want to say on their website, but I guess “Harper Adams University” was an agricultural college 20 years ago.

  4. “Harper Adams, a largely agriculture-based university”

    That says everything about the current “every one must have a degree” madness.

  5. I’m always amazed at the contortions the people of the Religion of Peace go through, and their values. Name a cuddly teddy bear Mo, and you get death threats. Draw a picture of Mo being nice for a change, and ditto. But, name an inbred, disabled, slavering moron with a death wish Mo, and that’s OK.

  6. @Arthur

    To be fair, there’s so much for a modern farm manager to learn – both the natural science and the finance/business/paperwork side of it – that you might as well call it a degree these days. Other people who learn the same amount of substance get a degree certificate for it, and even if you didn’t call it a degree, they’d still need to pick up the knowledge from somewhere.

  7. Bradford is much whiter than people seem to think. Anyone who posts here actually work/live there?
    In the 2011 census, it stated that 67.44% (352,317) of the city’s population was White (All White ethnic groups), 2.48% (12,979) (Mixed ethnic groups), 26.83% (140,149) (All Asian ethnic groups), 1.77% (9,267) (All Black ethnic groups) and 1.48% (7,740) (all other ethnic groups).

    Now white includes east Europeans and things will have evolved since 2011 but it still isn’t majority Asian – though the city is very segregated, so eg southeast Bradford is.

  8. Incidentally, if people want a go-to example of a large English town with a white minority but don’t want to feel like they’re cheating by using a London borough, the obvious choice is Slough – in the 2011 census, only 45% white so on par with Tower Hamlets. For another London comparison, Newham was lower at 29%.

    Suspect the London figures in particular will have changed since 2011, since there’s a high turnover of the population (including between boroughs).

  9. Don’t forget that in addition to tricking teenagers into debt and encouraging girls to become purple-haired, man-hating lesbians, “universities” are basically an open sewage line dumping unasked-for “diversity” into their host towns and cities.

    Student visas are one of the most easily abused visas out there, and academia is massively complicit in bringing Moon-worshipping hirsute caprisexuals and random sub-Saharan tribesmen to unsuspecting British communities.

    What Henry VIII did to the monasteries, we need to do to the polytechnics.

    BiG – excellent.

  10. Steve,

    “What Henry VIII did to the monasteries, we need to do to the polytechnics.”

    It’s the whole system. We’re still operating on the basis of a pre-Gutenberg learning system that existed because of the scarcity of books 600 years later and a decade after books got cheaper than a train journey.

    If you started with a blank sheet of people, what would you have? You’d have a few universities doing pure academia. You need a few anthropologists and film theorists. You’d have some universities teaching the serious shit that we want done right like medicine and engineering. Then you’d have poly and tech colleges doing diplomas. Want to learn software or welding? Go to local college for 6-12 months. Seriously, you don’t need 3 sodding years to do it. For everything else, buy some books or some DVD documentaries. If you’re just interested in film, go home from work and read Biskin or Kael for £15 a shot instead of £30K on a degree no-one wants.

  11. “It’s annoying to me that British film criticism is now dominated by brylcreemed twat Mark Kermode.”

    He’s entertaining and his banter with Simon Mayo is fun, but whenever his politics come out, he’s a complete fucking arsehole.

  12. Steve,

    White has an interesting perspective. I’m certain he sometimes deliberately goes against the grain, but sometimes makes some good observations.

    Kermode is better than most. Peter Bradshaw and Robbie Collin think the new Star Wars movies are masterpieces rather than badly made woke movies. That said, he’s lefty PC so you have to watch for that bias, like he loves Ken Loach’s crap.

    I mostly watch a few people on YouTube like Red Letter Media now.

  13. BonM4 @ 2:42
    They’re survivors from the Guild system. Should have been abolished along with the fletchers.

  14. @MyBurningEars, September 23, 2018 at 11:48 am

    Yes, a London borough. Hounslow in 1989 – rare to see a white face, nearby Feltham mostly white.

  15. for someone born in 1935 you all sound so strange. The first black I ever saw was a USA soldier in 1944. And now you are being replaced.
    If you were a spotted toad or some such there would be an outcry about your pending extinction.
    Of course back then the British fought to keep would be invaders out.

  16. Noel Scoper said:
    “They don’t seem to want to say on their website, but I guess “Harper Adams University” was an agricultural college 20 years ago”

    Less than that – it’s only been a university since 2012.

    Formerly the National Institute of Poultry Husbandry (I’m not making that up).

    Affiliated to the JCB Academy (which I suspect might actually be a good thing, but still stereotyping)

    I drove through Cirencester recently; that’s now the Royal Agricultural University.

  17. Want to learn software or welding? Go to local college for 6-12 months. Seriously, you don’t need 3 sodding years to do it.

    I don’t know about welding, but you damn well do need 3+ years to learn how to software engineering correctly.

  18. Flubber, what really annoys me about Kermode is that he tries to shoehorn a dig at Trump into nearly every film review. His recent review of Black Klansman being case in point. He does like to flaunt his right-on-ness.

    I’ve come close to ditching the podcast a few times.

  19. “I don’t know about welding, but you damn well do need 3+ years to learn how to software engineering correctly.”

    I’d imagine what BoM4 is suggesting is courses tailored to provide the level of education the user actually needs.
    I can weld. Not something I learned at college. I was taught by a mate who’s a welder on the rigs. (I can put that together with having learnt soldering & casting as a gold & silversmith. Also not learned at college.) I know damn all about underwater welding, welding exotic alloys or production line robotic welding machines. I know about fabrication & repairs in steel. Gas,arc, MIG etc Which is what I need to know.
    I taught our electrician his job. But we needed someone who was certified so we sent him on a college course. He came back knowing how to wire caravans & a whole lot of other things he’ll never do.
    I also have half a dozen other fields I’m competent enough in to get a job. I couldn’t have done all that at university because I would still have been at university in my forties.
    Currently I need web pages & I can’t be bothered about dealing with web designers. So I suppose I’ll learn how to do it myself. Can’t be that hard. Look at the idiots who do it. Couple of weeks to get the basics? Add on specific topics as & when they’re needed.
    What’s needed is education to suit the needs of those need education. Not education to provide careers for educators.

  20. Kermode has some small wit but he is a leftist twat. Closing the BBC/C4 would put him in his place. Some crappy local radio announcer probably. Or recording train announcements for Burma.

    Steve and Bloke M4–““What Henry VIII did to the monasteries, we need to do to the polytechnics.”–It’s called the Purge.

    Yes we can be shot of many Uni’s altogether but the idea is not entirely bad as DReam points out. It is just leftist Unis we don’t need. Therefore remover all leftists and replace them with anti-leftists.

    Same for the school system. All known leftist agitators out and a new anti-left cirricidick to teach imposed on pain of firing. Of course lots of puke teachers will still try to get around that and peddle their opinions. My thought to counter that would be “sprites” in every class.

    A “sprite” would be bright kid/s picked out in each class and given special funds to do extra-circular learning with the Ron Paul/Tom Woods Home Schooling course (which are very sound and a far better education than the shite in UK schools now) and empowered to act. By this I mean for example–say Teach is expounding how capitalism “causes poverty” or “caused the Depression” etc. The kid would be empowered to put his hand up and say “Excuse me Sir/Miss etc –you are a low down leftist liar”. And then say why etc.

    What decent kid wouldn’t enjoy that?

  21. I don’t know about welding, but you damn well do need 3+ years to learn how to software engineering correctly.


    Rather, nonsense that you need to spend 3+ years in a classroom learning software engineering from someone that’s never worked in the industry. Never mind that there is no correctly in software engineering, and everywhere has different procedures. Experience counts far more than book learning here.

    Everything I learned at uni that is relevant to my day job (consultant software engineer, since you ask) I learned in my own time, on my own initiative by fiddling with assorted bits of software: some written from scratch and some adapted from the wider free software scene.

    If an 18 year old were to ask me if they needed to go to uni to learn software engineering, I’d say they absolutely do not need to. Fine to go for the pussy, and to make some potentially useful connections. But if I’m interviewing a set of job candidates, the one with the nice piece of paper gets to do exactly the same practical test as the one that’s spent his three years submitting patches on GitHub. And I would expect the GitHubber to wipe the floor with the graduate.

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