Can’t recall, was it Amanduh? Jessica?

One of the harpies anyway, telling us that it’s men who murder, do these mass shootings, the patriarchy.

An employee at a Rite Aid warehouse opened fire at work on Thursday, killing three people before taking her own life, authorities said. Several other people were wounded.

The suspect was a 26-year-old temporary employee at the Rite Aid distribution center in northeastern Maryland, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said at a news conference. The sheriff’s office said in a tweet a short time later that she had been identified as Snochia Moseley of Baltimore County.

Krystal Watson, 33, said her husband, Eric, works at the facility and told her that the suspect had been arguing with somebody else near a time clock after a “Town Hall meeting.”

“And she went off,” she said.

Driven to it by the existence of the patriarchy, obviously.

8 thoughts on “Can’t recall, was it Amanduh? Jessica?”

  1. “Mr Carre said the man told him the shooter “just came in in a bad mood this morning. He said she’s usually nice. But today, I guess it wasn’t her day. She just came in to pick a fight with someone.””

    Time of the month?

  2. After a “Town Hall” meeting.

    These are just normal meetings but in a large group, department or company wide. I feel like shooting people after attending them too.

  3. Ah, but by engaging in an act of brutal mass violence, the shooter had clearly gender-identified as male, so it is all the fault of the patriarchy, innit?

  4. “Hi. I’m Dwayne & my girlfriend Snochia”
    “I can see what you mean. I wouldn’t want to cheer, either”

  5. Apparently she’s transgender so she wanted to be a boy (I’m assuming it’s not male-female, not sure) but either way it’s still a boy thing. So of course Amanduh is right.

    Meanwhile there’s another one in NY with a female stabber overnight ;o)

  6. Given the thankfully small sample size of “attention whore” shootings it’s reasonable to expect most would be male. At the margins…women tend to use males to enact violence rather than personally doing so, tend to base their underhanded behaviors on manipulation and deceit rather than physical violence, tend to value their own lives more than men, are less prone to risk-taking in general, have their emotional problems catered to, and tend to have less eye-hand coordination*.

    *Though I’ve read numerous claims that women are onavg less spatially coordinated then men I personally find them as good or better than average males at shooting – mostly due to not developing bad habits while young and heeding instructions on proper technique.

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