Cliche alert, Pole gets lost by 10,800 miles

‘I went loopy’: the photographer who walked 12,000 miles from Wales to Poland
Sean O’Hagan

Michal Iwanowski came across some graffiti in Cardiff that said: ‘Go home, Polish.’ So he did. The 105-day slog almost broke him – but it restored his faith in a volatile, fractured Europe


On 27 April this year, Michal Iwanowski left his house in Cardiff to walk to his home village of Mokrzeszów in Poland. Carrying British and Polish passports and wearing a T-shirt bearing the word “Polska”, he began his 1,200-mile journey east, sticking as closely as possible to a straight line he had drawn on a map. Over 105 days, it would take him through Wales, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Stand down, stand down. It’s just the usual innumeracy of the arts graduates at The Guardian.

18 thoughts on “Cliche alert, Pole gets lost by 10,800 miles”

  1. Yes, a direct route to Mokrzeszów from Cardiff avoids France and Belgium and the Czech Republic. After 105 days in the same t-shirt, the villagers will have been impressed at the personal hygiene habits picked up from the Welsh.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    This is bullshit:

    Most of the time, though, it was the sheer energy-sapping doggedness of the undertaking – “the drudgery and sweat” – that tested him as he trudged wearily through often empty, unchanging landscapes. On 8 July, his Instagram post read: “On Wednesday I crashed and decided to throw in the towel.” For a few hours, he sat at the side of a road, dehydrated and exhausted, having thrown his rucksack into the bushes in a tantrum. “It lasted a few hours,” he wrote. “I got back up.”

    1,200 miles in 105 days is ~12 miles per day. Given him a bit extra for wandering around looking at stuff and cal it 15 miles per day. The average person has an easy walking pace of at about 3 miles per hour so at worst he was walking for 5 hours per day.

    According to his web page he’s 41, unless he’s disabled in some way that pace should be easy for anyone that age.

  3. I was going to ask: don’t these people have any mental conceptual map of the world…. but these are the people who put Newcastle on a map in Teesside.

  4. ‘Go home, Polish.’

    Who knew it was so easy?

    And why didn’t he take a train? Walking proved what, that he’s Polish?

  5. Off topic but can anyone help substantiate the claim that operating our railways is in line with the rest of the EU, it’s just that we subsidise our ticket prices less than elsewhere.

    Obviously the leftoid borg disagree and think it’s expensive because rail users and taxpayers pay foreign TOCs a fortune in dividends.

  6. @ DtP
    That would be bloody good for any age: there are a couple of dozen guys and at least two women who can walk 114 miles in a day – once – but to walk 114 miles and still have time to sleep is Olympic standard.

  7. @ jgh
    Yeah – unlike Americans who can’t find Canada on a map Teessiders put the Northumbrian barbarians on the northern extremities of a map of County Durham 🙂

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