Eating organic not as healthy as thought

Peter Melchett, environmental campaigner, dies at 71

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  1. “Melchett went from Eton to Cambridge University, where he studied law. He later took an MA in criminology at Keele University, followed by 18 months at the London School of Economics.”

    Is the implication that he didn’t graduate from Cambridge or the LSE, or is it just sloppy writing?

  2. @ dearieme
    The BBC says that illness prevented him taking his finals – it doesn’t say why he didn’t resit them the following year. LSE was a research project.

  3. Tim, I always found it ironic that David Canter, the founder of “Crank’s” restaurant died (in his 50s) while writing his recipe book which proclaims how much healthier his diet is than ours [it was published posthumously]

  4. Wasn’t he the Green who lived off a chemical fortune?

    (memory prompted by jgh – I think Mond was one of the chemical barons who merged their businesses into ICI)

  5. ICI: “The original company was formed as a partnership in 1873 (becoming a limited company in 1881) by John Brunner and Ludwig Mond.”

    Grandpa Mond has his own wiki page, not to mention a splendid beard:

    I seem to remember Melchett trampling on genetically modified crops. He and his gang were dressed in white biohazard suits that were marginally less absurd than the demo as a whole.

    Odd, isn’t it, how these trust-fund kiddies with leftist views never actually give all their readies to the poor and downtrodden?

  6. Apparently he had his son out of wedlock so the son couldn’t inherit the title. Now that is hypocrisy of the first order. I assume he kept his title so he could spout his eco-inanities in the HoL & otherwise capitalise on the name. A more honourable man would have taken the Viscount Stansgate route.

    What I also find amazing is that the jury at his trial for criminal damage bought his ‘greater good’ argument.

  7. “Apparently he had his son out of wedlock so the son couldn’t inherit the title.”

    The man was an utter cunt, a cunt of the first order. I fell sorry for his family that they had to endure such a cunt.

  8. There is a nice little eulogy from Jonathan ‘no hair in the middle Porritt, he should have tried a bit of Growmore……..

  9. @ Joey Vimsante
    Your comment would be more relevant if he was a good man. I first heard of him when he committed criminal damage on an experimental crop designed to reduce the risk of environmental damage (by a carefully controlled experiment with minimal risk of contagion).
    I do not cheer when good left-wingers die; Mao, OTOH …

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