What’s next for Brett Kavanaugh? The US supreme court nominee’s path to the bench has been stalled by accusations that he tried to rape a girl when they were both in high school; that girl, now a professor in her 50s, initially tried to tell her story anonymously, but put her name to the charges when it became clear she was going to be outed anyway.

Drunken teenage fumbles – the allegation itself – are now rape?

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  1. And now that the Repubs have called their bluff, Feinstein is rolling it back, the crazy lefty professor lady is refusing to testify and the thing is laid entirely bare for the ridiculous scam it was.

  2. No one seems to have fainted away at would be 2020 presidential candidate Senator Corey Booker’s actual assaults of his girlfriends but then he’s black and a Democrat so maybe they’re seen as giving him authenticity. Will he recuse himself from voting? Can Di Fi sleep at night without speaking out against Booker? At some point the stench from the left should terrify the voters except the lame stream media has no interest in covering the story.

  3. Putting your hand over a girl’s mouth and trying to tear her clothes off while she struggles to get away might not be rape in the strict legal definition, but it’s certainly rape adjacent.

    And yes, Corey Booker should be tossed out as well.

  4. What the shambling hairy fuck is ‘rape adjacent’ supposed to mean?

    No-one is questioning the seriousness of sexual assault, but they are questioning the political motivations, timing and veracity of the allegations against Kavanaugh. And well they might, because – as our USian chums might say – it is some lame-ass bullshit.

  5. @MC

    You don’t think classing that sort of thing as ‘drunken teenage fumbles’ counts as questioning the seriousness of it?

    I feel sorry for the guy if it’s bullshit (and I know it might well be that) but if he did it then it is serious and I’d rather live in a world where men didn’t do that. Whatever their politics.

    I was a drunken teenager nice or twice and I managed not to do that. Go me.

  6. MC


    Plus the shame of having supported Teddy and the world champion Billy now a totally unsupported, absolutely vague accusation timed ‘just now’….

    The Dems have no self-awareness, no shame and no credibility.

  7. It is a bullshit smear and all those involved deserve punishment rather than sympathy. How many times do the shite of the left think they can re-sing the same hymn and have it work for them?

  8. @The Thought Gang

    Sexual assault and violence to other people are very BAD.

    Agreed, what one might remember as a ‘fumble’ might be frightening to another (or not)..

    I remember as a tender 16 year old working after school as a floor cleaner being bundled into a cupboard in Boots by two cleaning ladies so they could ‘cop a feel’ of the new boy… That was real but the problem here is that, nobody in their right mind, (not even the attack dog Feinstein for goodness sake) believes this ‘accusation’ (for want of a better word).

  9. Amazing how she remembered to talk about it one week after he became famous for dissenting Obamacare, eh? And here a Bernie sister, democrat activist?

    Or the Democrat Senator she wrote the letter to suppressing the letter until the very last moment, despite having ample opportunity to question him in interviews?

    No agenda here folks! All honest and above board.

    Why not just let the Democrats have a veto over any Republican appointments. It saves everyone the trouble of going through the whole smearing process, which quite frankly makes them look like cynical, grubby shits who would do anything to win.

  10. “*cough* Chappaquiddick *cough*”

    Or as the joke at the time went

    “What if I get pregnant Teddy?” “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, Mary Jo.”

  11. What would be hilarious would be if Trump next nominated a loony-lefty-type with a real, documented history of sexual assault to SCOTUS just to troll the dems and make them squirm. Would likely go mightily pear-shaped though.

    Still, popcorn futures would rise! 😀

  12. @Matthew L

    From the behaviour of Feinstein and the accuser once their bluff was called, I think we can safely file this alleged incident under “didn’t happen”…

  13. Nothing to do with the fact that the Judge’s mother passed judgment that led to the foreclosure of her parents’ house?

    Can’t name the date, can’t name the house, can’t name a lot of things, but remembered the name from her troubled youth?

    Is this professor selling bridges in California?

  14. Why not just let the Democrats have a veto over any Republican appointments


    Unfortunately for the Democrats, even the dopiest of conservatives are starting to wise up.

    Turns out 40 years of screaming RacistSexistHitler! at people has diminishing returns even with the Walter the Softy principled loser brigade.

    On reflection, it’s pretty surprising that the best dirt they could come up with on Kavanaugh is a dubious tale of teenage fumbling that didn’t lead to sex.

    He coaches a girls sports team so I half-expected them to accuse him of noncery.

  15. “Can’t name the date, can’t name the house, can’t name a lot of things, but remembered the name from her troubled youth”

    Except the name wasn’t even mentioned in the _contemporaneous_ note of the session.

    Then used the phrase “I have received medical treatment regarding the assault” when what she actually meant was “said nothing about this to anyone for 20 years then spoke to a therapist about it”

    Matthew L is correct that the allegation as alleged should not be labelled a drunken teenage fumble. But he may be – possibly deliberately – missing that the allegation is transparently a complete crock of shit from start to finish and the senate committee should call it out for exactly that.

  16. Very politically inept, the timing ruined it, the fact the senator sat on this since July just makes it look politically motivated out of the gate and nothing else.

  17. Putting your hand over a girl’s mouth and trying to tear her clothes off while she struggles to get away …

    Sounds like a closing scene from the Benny Hill show. Might just have been teenage horseplay.

  18. *cough* blue dress *cough*

    Republicans should tell the party of Clinton that they will pay attention to their sexual complaints AFTER they have put Bill Clinton in prison. Otherwise, STFU.

  19. Even if we accept the event described actually happened to her, doesn’t mean he was there and the one that carried out the attack. In fact I’ll give her the benefit of accepting she had a horrible experience as a teenager, doesn’t mean I believe he was the responsible party.
    The left is conflating ‘how dare you accuse this poor woman of lieing about what happened to her’ with ‘well of course he did it, she said so’
    Two very different things

  20. Do I understand correctly that she alleges she was wearing a swimming costume, with clothes on top, and that he tried to get the costume off her without removing the clothes?

    She sounds bonkers to me. I mean actually mentally ill, the sort that makes you doubt the wisdom of closing all the asylums.

    Still, we’ve had the entertainment of Hillary saying something to the effect of always believing allegations of rape.

    Compared to this shower Trump is a Jesus-like paragon of virtue. That’s how bad they are.

  21. Meanwhile Keith Ellison – current Democrat congressman, deputy chairman of the DNC, and candidate for Minnesota Attorney General – is as we speak facing allegations from his ex girlfriend (of two years ago, not thirty-five years ago), Karen Monahan, that he physically attacked her, and this is corroborated by contemporaneous notes from her therapist in which she names her attacker, texts between her and Ellison discussing the attacks, and fucking video of the attack happening and the official Dem reaction has been crickets clinging tightly to tumbleweed in a vaccuum.

    Actually, that’s not fair. They have done *something*: according to Ms Monahan:

    ‘I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party*. I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing and healing from the abuse. Four people, including my supervisor at the time, stated that I came to them after and shared the exact story I shared publicly, I shared multiple text between me and Keith, where I discuss the abuse with him and much more. As I said before, I knew I wouldn’t be believed.’

    *Surprise link between the two women involved in these stories – they’re both Democrats!

  22. Don’t forget that the Dems are intellectually dishonest: they aren’t going to vote for Kavanaugh, anyway. Should the story be publicly proven false, it will change no Dem votes.

    The juvenile juvenile story is for Republican consumption. Republicans should see it as a stupid trick and ignore it.

    What I find ridiculous is how the Dems tell a story, it is proven false or irrelevant, so they change it slightly and tell it again. The Republican address it like Dem lapdogs, instead of declaring, “You don’t get to try this a dozen different ways. You lose.”

    Just like the stupid Russia story and Robert Mueller – if he had integrity, he would have closed shop in the first month, and declared, “There’s nothing here.”

  23. The accuser’s parents were foreclosed by Brett Kavanaugh’s mother. The accuser’s husband has worked for the primary “fixer” for Hillary and the DNC. The accuser is a leftist academic who made no mention of the current accusation for three decades. The accusation was known by Diane Feinstein for months but withheld until after the hearings were over.

    Ralph Blasey, brother of Christine Blasey-Ford, worked as a Litigation Partner for Baker Hostetler, a law firm that retained Fusion GPS, the infamous D.C. company that produced the unverified Steele dossier on President Donald Trump and Russia, sparking the whole Russian collusion investigation.

    And yet, AND YET, establishment Republicans pay attention to this cheap shit political stunt.

  24. I am not a psychiatrist. I don’t know Christine Blasey Ford. However, I’ve been around the block many, many times.

    This situation appears to me, based on the limited available evidence, that Mrs. Dr. Ford has unresolved affection for Kavanaugh. He didn’t follow up on the botched “assault,” but she wanted him to. And it’s bugged her for decades.

    Republican’s reaction to this Democrat ploy are stunning. Grassley is granting control of the hearings to Ford’s attorney. It’s a joke, and he doesn’t get it. Hey, Grassley, the cool kids STILL aren’t going to like you. You have bought absolutely nothing with your sellout.

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