Erm, how can Trump do this?

Trump ups ante on China, threatens duties on nearly all its imports

Trump gets to charge tariffs on what China imports?


Yeah, yeah, but seriously, that’s a Reuters headline for blimey’s sake.

8 thoughts on “Erm, how can Trump do this?”

  1. From Reuters/AP yesterday:

    China is planning to give rebates to exporters on their Export Tax to reduce impact of USA Import tax.

    An export tax?

  2. @Pcar: Yes, China have a tax on exports. Operates a bit like VAT, so tax is on value added, but only applies to exports. There are extensive rebate schemes.

  3. @Alex

    “Yes, China have a tax on exports. ”

    How common is this in export-oriented developing markets? I think it looks alien to us Westerners but it would be a tempting thing for a poorer country to tax if that’s where the money is. Argentina used to put big taxes on their agricultural exports for example.

  4. Surely tariffs are better than Opium War part 3 to stop the Chinese mercantalist nonsense.

    sent from China.

  5. “Threat to national security?” What bollocks. You can say anything is a threat to national security, it’s meaningless until you demonstrate why.

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