Fraud, corruption, violence, fitting up

Elite Flying Squad detectives use old school methods to catch cyber criminals, says Met

The Flying Squad has a number of old school methods it can use…..

14 thoughts on “Fraud, corruption, violence, fitting up”

  1. “…the latest encryption software makes it difficult for the police to track users online, and the Met’s Flying Squad detectives have turned to tactics like going undercover and using informants.”

    Translation: “Shit! We can’t sit in our offices drinking coffee anymore, we’ve got to get our hands dirty.”

  2. @JuliaM

    There are some upsides to undercover work. Freedom to commit adultery in the name of Queen and country being one.

  3. Freedom to commit adultery in the name of Queen and country being one.

    I’m not aware that the Family Court recognises that one.

    And I’m not aware that, otherwise, adultery is considered an offence? Your priest, pastor or rabbi’s opinion may, of course, vary. Your mullah may just require you to marry her in addition 🙂

  4. My understanding of the hippy lefties who got knocked up was that the man had lied to them so they deserved compensation.

    If men lying to women so they can have a shag is a cause for compensation, I suspect most women would be entitled.

  5. @HC

    For all the talk of criminalising “misogyny”, as I understand it the intention is actually to make sex a protected characteristic in a similar way to race, so that misandry would be covered as a hate crime too. I may be mistaken.

  6. Henry – reading that makes me fucking glad I live in Italy who wouldn’t put up with that shit for long.

    Christ on a bike what has gone wrong with the British?

  7. @ Henry
    Stella Creasy wants to make contempt of women a “hate crime” – so contempt for Diane Abbott is automatically a crime.
    There aren’t enough jails in England!
    Stella Creasy is clearly another lefty who regards “1984” as an instruction manual.

  8. john77, if the number of times I’ve shouted “stupid fucking woman” at the telly/radio whenever Diane Abbott is on is anything to go by, I’d be sentenced to life without parole.

  9. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    The last line of the article Mr Crun links to –
    ‘However, not all hate crimes are criminal offences according to the legal definition’

    WTF? What definition are they using?

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