Have you ever read such a butchery?

Whatever it is that Barclay’s said it’s presumably not this:

Food import prices are set to rocket under a no-deal Brexit as punitive EU trade tariffs are slapped on food shipped in from abroad.

A report by Barclays found suppliers and retailers are facing a £9.3bn bill if the Government fails to strike a deal with Brussels before the end of March.

Live poultry imports would be slapped with tariffs of 130pc – handing Brussels a £686m windfall – if World Trade Organisation (WTO) Most Favoured Nation tariffs are imposed.

Other products that would be badly hit include orange juice at 180.1pc, lamb carcasses at 82.3pc and garlic at 71pc, the report found.

I can’t quite find that Barclay’s report but even they’re not dim enough to be claiming that if we’re outside the EU we must impose EU tariffs – and pay the money to Brussels – on imports into the UK? The Telegraph on the other hand…..

17 thoughts on “Have you ever read such a butchery?”

  1. I can’t find the report either and every site reporting on it uses word for word the same story.

    Sounds like utter bolleaux.

  2. “I can’t quite find that Barclay’s report but even they’re not dim enough…”
    From which we can deduce, you don’t bank at Barclays & have never dealt with the people they choose to employ.

  3. I’m starting to have serious doubts about my knowledge of the world, limited though it may be.

    I was under the impression that tariffs are imposed upon imports and thus it is a choice made by the government of the importing country whether it wishes to raise the price to its consumers of goods coming into the country from outside. Therefore, how in the name of all that’s holy can the EU effectively surcharge consumers in the UK for anything? Could someone more knowledgable than I please disabuse me of this idea should it be wrong.

    That said, I suppose that HMG is quite daft enough to quietly acquiesce with wishes of Brussels to deliver a punishment beating to us uncooperative plebs.

  4. @juliam I suspect that live chickens are not transported in any kind of luxury, so maybe this is a backdoor attempt to get us to stop eating chicken. Not likely to appeal to the Muslim population, though

  5. Baron Jackfield: I was under the impression that tariffs are imposed upon imports

    A bit niche this but time was when tarriffs were levied on exports of wool which provided significant revenue for the crown.

    The revenues were even assigned to lenders (though not including Barclays at that point in history) as a means to cover loans raised to wage war across the channel. Perhaps that’s what’s being planned here.

  6. This is the gasping, expiring end of Project Fear 2. It’s remainiac cockrot and we need to make a note of who ALL the authors of the PJ2 crap are ready for punishment to come.

  7. When it came to the divorce bill i think Theresa’s offer should have been, ok that’s the agreed number we can either pay it through tariffs on UK goods or cheque. Which would you like.

    (yes i know it’s the EU consumers paying the tariffs, but might as well make mercantalist misconceptions work for you, )

  8. Hey, if this is a divorce shouldn’t Britannia get to keep Calais & get substantial maintenance payments? And access to the Med beaches, of course.

  9. And how would being forced to adher to WTO rules result in tarrifs being higher than the maximum 5% stipulated in WTO rules?

    This is the *TELEGRAPH*???? The real national 160-year-old Daily Telegraph newspaper based in London, not the Little Storping Telegraph?

  10. @jgh

    Hence why I stopped buying The Telegraph circa 2010. My mother stopped in ~2014 and brother last year.

    They have some good columnists, but the rest is worse than a red top.

  11. Just seen this. The people who make the forecasts for the powers that be ARE assuming that the UK will put the common external tariff on UK imports from the EU. When asked why they assume the government would do such a thing given tariffs incident on importer and would make Uk poorer they say “that’s our working assumption [buried in the footnotes so you can’t spot the sleight of hand pre-loading the dice]”

    Genuine comment from genuine q&a at genuine presentation of model and results.

    And no wonder the forecast are shite. Every last bugger making those forecasts voted remain. They can’t afford for their self identity to be damaged by a successful leave outcome as their whole work and intellectual framework says it must be a failure.

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